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Humanity's destiny does not lie in the chemistry and physics of 20th century science but in the evolutionary development of consciousness known as intuition.

Intuitive Health Analysis reveals how you are using energy, where your energies are going, and what you can do to increase longevity for a happier, healthier life. 

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What People Say About SOM Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive Health Analyses promote self-realization. They empower people to make transformations that heal mind and body. Information received in this kind of analysis does not come from examining the physical body alone, in fact, the body does not even have to be within the intuitive reporter's presence. From the inner levels of consciousness patterns of thinking, harmonious or inharmonious, productive or destructive, are seen and their effects upon the body can be traced. Intuitive diagnosis of the individual's state of health is derived from the direct grasp of truth available in the inner levels of consciousness. Those who provide the analysis have prepared for this work by years of concentration and meditation practices.

Health analyses give new meaning to early detection. By intuitively examining the way energy is being used, many times trouble areas become apparent before physical disorders arise. As you will soon learn, Intuitive Health Analyses were never designed to replace any form of treatment currently available. From surgery to acupuncture, from psychiatry to prayer, the health analyses recommend those treatments which accelerate recovery and restore wholeness...

“...I am pleased to make two general observations about the health analysis: 1) The approach is holistic, combining psychological, physiological, and spiritual factors in a manner which orients the subject toward increasing his state of well-being rather than merely focusing on disease care. I strongly approve of this approach. 2) The analysis of the spinal condition as given by the intuitive report was consistent with the clinical X-ray findings.” – M.G., D.C. Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The accuracy of the intuitive report is quite amazing. The insights into my mental and emotional states are challenging and the suggestions for improvement are inspiring. Studying the reading has quickened the desire in me to work on these issues.” – S.H., Christianset, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
“I was more than pleased with the accuracy of the intuitive report. I want to thank you for helping me mentally, emotionally, and physically. The advice (about the itchy eye problem) that was given to me from my analysis proved to be very helpful. My eye condition has improved immensely.” – C.M. Las Vegas, Nevada

Intuition does more than reveal the future of health care, it is the future. Intuition synthesizes our understanding of ourselves as spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical beings. It brings new meaning to the terms early detection and preventative measures. Even now, intuition is being used by practitioners and patients to identify appropriate treatments for healing.

Intuitive analysis unites the best the world has to offer. From surgery to acupuncture, from psychiatry to prayer, intuitive health analyses recommend those treatments which accelerate recovery and restore wholeness for the individual. It complements existing health care practices by drawing upon global healing knowledge. As we move into the next frontier, intuitive health analysis will become the first opinion we seek for our health, well-being, and peace of mind.

“The Health Reading I had done was invaluable to me and you have my deepest gratitude. According to traditional medicine, I was in perfect health. What was wrong with me didn’t show up on their tests and I felt total despair. After receiving the reading, I was at last relieved to know what needed fixing. I have been seeing (a specialist) for a year now and am a new person today. I just wanted to write and thank you for my recent Health Reading. I have been very sick and your reading really helped me to work on the problem from both a spiritual and physical vantage point. I can't thank you enough for providing this wonderful service.” – B.L. Waggaman, Louisiana

As we move into the next frontier, intuitive health analysis will become the first opinion we seek for our health, well-being, and peace of mind.


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“(This Health) analysis has been more helpful to me than all the psychic readings I’ve had in the last several years combined. When I got it, I felt excited, and I listened to the tape almost every day for 6 weeks. I wish I could get back the many hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on various doctors, nutritional supplements, naturopaths and medical intuitives... Thank you very much for the health analysis” – R. Juli, California

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