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Finding Your Soul's Purpose

Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning "duty". It is each individual's duty to discover and fulfill their mission for being on planet Earth. Dharma provides wonderful help and instruction for understanding the work you are here to do this lifetime and how to aid others to do so.

A Spiritual Focus Session called "DHARMA: Finding your soul's purpose" is held every year at the Moon Valley Ranch located on the College of Metaphysics campus.

In the course structure of the School of Metaphysics, the student learns – through meditation, concentration, and mental discipline – the deeper and deeper meaning of the purpose of life. The Purpose of Life gives detailed instruction concerning this subject.
"To fully realize the oneness with self and all creation is both exciting and rewarding. To understand this requires attention and determination. To use the realized, understood, creative oneness will require growth in the whole self, and is the most fulfillling ideal, purpose, desire and need you will ever achieve." – SOM Lesson One

What if you really knew what you are supposed to be doing on earth this lifetime? What if you really knew the greatest secret of life, the purpose of it all? What if you knew what you are here to become this lifetime and how to go about it? All this and more is explained in a concise, clear, and useful way. Read a chapter a day for 28 days and your life will be transformed.

You will become not only a self-directed individual, you will become a person who is consciously directing daily actions and experiences to produce the ultimate fulfillment and purpose of life.

Dream interpretation offers greater insight into one's own subconscious mind, thereby enhancing one's ability to know the purpose of life as given from the inner mind and being.

Number 1
What are Dreams?

Dreams are communication from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind of the dreamer.

Number 5
Why is it important that I remember my dreams?

Dreams provide factual, useful information on how you can grow, improve, change, learn, be successful, gain wisdom, and lead a fulfilling life. Dreams are a tool for gaining enlightenment. For real soul growth to occur you must gain the ability to listen to your soul. Dream interpretation is a tool to listen to and heed messages from your inner self, your subconscious mind, your soul.

Number 18
Do Dreams Tell you the meaning of life?

Over time from interpreting your dreams and using the knowledge in your daily life, you will discover more and more meaning in your life. Gradually, or rapidly, you will come to know the meaning of life.

from the book Understanding Your Dreams

"The value, the usefulness, the importance, the influence, the cooperation, the learning, the productivity, the service, the spiritual awareness. These are the things that make life worth living because these are the qualities of creation."

from the book
Spiritual Renaissance:
Elevating your Consciousness
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