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Native American peoples use the words medicine and power interchangeably. The power of something is its medicine. Too many people give their power away to someone or something outside themselves. When we do we experience the effects of imbalance in our thoughts, in our emotions, in our energies, and in our physical bodies.

Healing brings the power home. For the individual, the power, the medicine, is in the mental attitudes. This is why Intuitive Health Analyses have been so helpful to people all over the world. By identifying the mental and emotional attitudes held in the mind, these reports give the power back to us. Knowledge replaces fear and we become our own medicine.

We're meant to bring our uniqueness into the world. We each have a purpose in life that is part of a greater plan. The earlier we embrace this idea, the more concentrated our efforts can be toward superconsciousness. This is the purpose of the Healer's Portraits. They describe intuitive clusters that form your power, your medicine, for healing.

Then there is your medicine bag....all the modalities, therapies, treatments, and forms of assisting the conscious mind and physical body as we learn our lessons of life. You'll find some of these here, and many more as you associate with others, for people of all disciplines, traditions, faiths are attracted to the study of metaphysics.

Best of all there are the natural highs borne from meditation, pranayama (conscious breathing), and our loving creative interactions with others are more than alternatives, they are the doorway to cosmic consciousness, the gift of our own medicine.

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Your Body as Teacher/Thought is Cause

The cells of our bodies respond to each and every thought we have. Cells literally take their orders from the conscious thinking that populates our waking state. When recognized, these limitations can be replaced or changed as needed to produce different and better cellular responses in the body.

The Power of Breath to Heal

I leaned over yet again to pick up Vivienna, our 7-month-old daughter, and felt the muscles in my back pull. My first thought was, "Oh, no!" With a baby and a three year old in tow, mom's need to be healthy. Immediately I remembered something my mother-in-law, a massage therapist and nurse, had passed on to me. The remedy is quite simple. Return to the offending position (or hold it when you have the presence of mind to) and breathe rhythmically until the pain disappears.

As soon as the thought entered my mind, the action followed. I breathed for a few minutes, then I put Vivienna, who was quite distressed, to bed. I could still feel the "glitch" in my back so I found a laundry basket to lean over to reposition my body and did more breathing. The intensity passed and I went about my work. Within an hour, I realized I had forgotten all about the pain in my back. It was gone. What many would call a miraculous healing. – Christine Madar

In this course of study you learn how to purify, relax, and energize the body at will through specific breathing patterns and rhythms like the one Christine used to heal her back. Christine graduated from the SOM course of study a few years ago and is finding what she learned useful in the simplest of everyday life situations. Barbara Condron, another SOM grad, is teaching her 12-year-old son how to use breath to understand and direct his emotions. Those around him have seen an increase in his security and level of confidence in developing relationships with others. Registered Nurse Karen Mosby (see article at right) is breathing to recognize and balance tension in the head and neck thus making migraine headaches an affliction in her past.

Study at SOM offers a deep understanding of hatha yoga, union of the physical being with spirit, that comes from daily practice. This is hatha yoga as it was created to be lived, with mindfulness, fullness, and joy. Students experience bringing life force energies into the cells spiritualizing the body. The shifts from being dependent upon food as the sole sustainer of energy to appreciating the quality of air and water that we receive causes an alignment with the higher Self. Practices like intuitive breathing and fruit day help free the mind's preoccupation with dependency upon outside sources for life. When needed, they can also be employed to accelerate the dissolving of dependency upon drugs and alcohol.

As the desire for health care has grown worldwide, a growing health care industry has mushroomed, taking over our lives. Some of the most beautiful images we see are in ads for new drugs that produce a long list of potential side effects that are not healthy.

What students learn by attending the School of Metaphysics is the information and methods for practice to place them in control of their own health. It has long been said that the best consumer is an informed one, and there is no greater human experience where this is a matter of life or death. What SOM offers are the tools for choosing life.

"This one tends to hold the breath, and therefore there are many times when there is a lack of oxygen, and this is part of the difficulty with the energy.  There are times when this also produces a kind of fogginess within the thinking.  Deep breathing as a regular practice and causing the breathing itself to be rhythmic rather than this occurring only at times of crisis would be of benefit.”(090720041LJC)


The Time-Space Continuum

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Will Power




SOM Lesson 5A talks about forgiveness.  I have misunderstood what forgiveness means.  I have associated forgiveness with thinking this meant the other person won. I had not even thought that I might need to forgive myself for not being perfect, for not always having the right answer, for making mistakes.  In forgiving myself and allowing myself to learn, I realized that I wasn’t trying to please people so much as trying to stay out of trouble.  Most of my decisions were based on making the correct one so I didn’t get into trouble. 

I realize that I need to remove my attention from what I see as faults in myself, things that I need to change in me, and place it on what I want to become, my ideal Self.  This is the positive, productive image that I want to create in myself. This has left me open to receive from other people their thoughts and ideas without taking it so personal. When an emotional reaction starts to occur I stop and breath to become present minded and still.  I look at what the emotions are and I become receptive to the learning.  I want to be a good director and teacher so I am opening my Self to listening to other’s experiences.  I feel lighter and free because I am being honest and open about how I feel and think.  I ask more questions, state what I desire more and I am more positive in my thinking.  As a result I am receiving more of what I want in life. – Karen Mosby, R.N.

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Learning How to Learn

Health & Dream Interpretation

We create ourselves every day. When an illness or disorder shows up in the body in terms of pain, we simply need to have a more complete picture of what wholeness, or health is. This insight from the inner self is very needed and can be one of the best reasons for remembering and recording our dreams.

I was interpreting dreams on a local radio show when I received a call from a woman named Cecilia. She proceeded to tell me that she had two recurring dreams in the past few years. In the first, she kept losing her car. When I told her that it symbolized her physical body and her thoughts about losing it, she related that she had severe asthma and had almost become an invalid. She could hardly go outside and her life had become a sad existence as a result of this.  Learning how dreams could be a window into health care was a new idea to her. 

Each night the Subconscious mind provides feedback or a message on our daily state of consciousness in dreams. It is up to us to recall and then seek to understand these symbolic messages. When this is done, the best orders can be given to the mind and body, enabling the cells to respond and make the right product, a whole, healthy mind and body.

Self awareness is the key. It gives us a leg to stand on for knowledge is power. With accurate information, we are able to make choices. I've always thought that it was better to know than to be in the dark because what we know about ourselves can help us.  Knowledge is power, it helps us make better decisions. Learning to decode your dreams is powerful medicine.

 Since the majority of people think of their body when they think of wellness or illness, let's take a look at some of the ways that dreams reveal what is going on here. Thanks to Cecilia's dream, you know that a car in a dream represents the individual's physical body. This could be a car, a small boat, or a small airplane. (The larger vehicles, such as an airliner, a bus, or a large truck represent an organization.) In fact, dreams containing these small vehicles are often called health dreams because the condition of the car, boat or plane shows the condition of the body. It also shows how the body is thought of and is being used. As well, they give clues to what is likely to occur within the body if the thinking is not changed. The body responds to the driver, the thinker's own mind." (Dreaming For Health by Mari Hamersley)

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Healing For a Higher Purpose

The Purpose of Life

Superconscious Meditation

Permanent Healing
by Dr. Daniel Condron notes the mental attititude disorder behind heart problems as "a misuse or misunderstanding of responsibility. Trying to compete with others in life when they have desires different from your own." I have counseled many couples on the verge of divorce over the course of the past twenty years. Over and over again, there is competition with the spouse, a stubborn resistance to understanding the needs and wants of another and hence a refusal to give love unconditionally. The other person has changed in ways the spouse is not willing to accept or has refused to change in ways the spouse expected, so the spouse withdraws his or her love and eventually sinks into ever-deepening mires of anger, resentment, and recrimination. These self-created and self-imposed limitations -- the negative emotions of the first study -- must be admitted and understood for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The spouse might end a marriage, but until responsibility is understood he or she is causing deterioration of the body.

Dr. Condron's cites "the need to give freely, without condition" as a cause of heart problems. If you have heart problems, try loving "with all your heart" you will experience a healing."

The School of Metaphysics educates the Whole Self.  You can explore yourself indepth through the School of Metaphysics course of study, or be introduced to all ten essential life skills in one day by attending Powers of Ten.  Cultivating the essential life skills is the key to self mastery


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