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What is lucid dreaming?
Lucid dreaming is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the perception of becoming awake while in a dreamstate, The term was coined in 1913 by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden. Exploring and understanding the phenomena has grown since then. Dream research has been conducted at select universities since the 1970s, most notably Stanford University in California and the College of Metaphysics in Missouri.

At the College of Metaphysics, student and faculty researchers, receive dreams from around the world every day by internet communication. Now in its tenth year, has given us a unique window into the collective state of awareness of the human species. It is the advancement of technology that makes it possible for this research to take place.
The experiment seeks to organize dreamers worldwide in a focused time of dreaming and, through the effort, to collect the largest body of experiential knowledge on dreaming, specifically lucid dreams.

After 40 years of experiencing, recording, analyzing, and interpreting dreams by hundreds of people, School of Metaphysics researchers have proven the reality of dream experience and its impact upon the dreamer’s waking life.


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Watch here for details coming up soon for the trilogy dreams that will study the effect of the moon on dreaming. Coming in January and February 2008.

I call myself a watcher dreamer.
 I would like to participate in your dream experiment but would like to figure out what kind of dreamer I am.   I call myself a watcher dreamer.  I dream all kinds of things from watching people do mundane things like cooking dinner or watching TV or sleeping or working in the yard...
Interpreting dreams for people worldwide is common at the College of Metaphysics. “This past week we helped people in India, Australia, and Germany understand dream experiences ranging from teeth-falling-out dreams to children’s nightmares,” said graduate teacher Karen Mosby who is director of distributing and collecting experiment data. A pediatric nurse for over 30 years, Mosby says that learning how to decode health dreams has been invaluable in speeding the healing process.

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.I actually knew the ideas they were thinking of.   I one time watched a motorcycle accident.  I never know the people and don't know the purpose.  Then at other times I have dreams which are things that are going on in my life like I am running from something or none of the lights in the house would come on etc....I know those dreams are things that are going on in my life at the time.  Then I have dreams where right before I am awake or right upon awakening I will hear things like, you will get some unexpected money today or call your uncle, he is sick - or call your aunt and tell her her missing keys are in her purse.   They are always right but mostly about my life and what is going on with me.   So which category would you put me in?  I have written down quite a few with all of the details and then examine it in a day or two.   I tend to not see the forest for the trees when I first get it written down.  

Thanks, Jamie

What is the global lucid dreaming experiment?

The premise of the Global Lucid Dreaming Experiment is to track the rise of becoming awake in the dreamstate. Through we have seen an increase in visitation dreams, telepathic dreams, entrained dreams, and other manifestations of intuitive, subconscious experiencing that transcends the more personal and ego-centered informative, entertaining, health dreams. Observing this trend, it became apparent it is time to pursue this line of action. In the coming years, these experiments will provide an outstanding record of humanity’s transition into co-creation and the development of homo spiritus.

Previous studies on the topic of lucid dreaming have involved small control groups ranging from 1-100 people. This experiment seeks to include thousands of people on all continents who cover the diversity of culture, nationality, and religion. This is the first undertaking of this magnitude and it is only possible for it to happen now in the history of mankind, largely due to technology and the worldwide web. The experiment seeks to organize dreamers worldwide in a focused time of dreaming and, through the effort, to collect the largest body of experiential knowledge to date concerning specifically, lucid dreaming.

Our Response

Hi Jamie,
We welcome your participation in the GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT.  Our next experiment will be 20 February 2008......

Statistics from the first Lucid Dreaming Experiment offer an initial picture of dreams. Ninety-three percent of our participants report having experienced a lucid dream at some point in their lives. Most remember them between the ages of 15-28. Some of the more interesting highlights are in these charts which reveal the sex and age of participants. The chart at right reflects the level of awareness of dreamers from L1 indicating rare dream recall to L4 signifying frequent dream lucidity.

Concerning your question of the kind of dreamer you are, from your description you would be a Level Four Lucid Dreamer.  Lucid dreaming has many expressions, some of which you describe here.  Lucid dreaming implies the state of consciousness that is awake in the dreamstate.  According to our research into Mind and the levels of consciousness, dreams occur when the dreamer's attention is in subconscious mind.  Subconscious Mind has a variety of abilities separate from and related to the conscious mind which works directly with the physical body and brain.  For most people, the conscious mind is dominant during the waking hours.  Exceptions to this are mystics, yogis, healers, and some meditators. 

Because dreams are the communications arising from Subconscious Mind, they can carry messages of telepathy (knowing the ideas of the people you dream about), prediction (the motorcycle accident), or clairvoyance (the early morning "tips" to call someone).   These intuitive happenings can be understood on deeper levels through interpretation. 

Level Four dreamers tend toward more conscious awareness in the dreamstate of the nature you describe.  This can be understood and harnessed for your soul growth and spiritual progression.  Are you aware that this kind of study is what the School of Metaphysics has been investigating and teaching for years?  The GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENT is an ongoing effort to research dreams worldwide and scientifically analyze the data.  Thank you for your participation and if you desire to know more about our course of study, just ask.

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