Permanent Healing

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Strengthen the connection with your own healing power

Experience twelve qualities that transform the human into the Divine

Now a unique day-long experience with author Dr. Daniel Condron

coming in 2009

If you had the opportunity to know or be aware of the specific thoughts and attitudes that might be affecting your health in specific ways, would you use this knowledge?

Now, Permanent Healing is available. A ground-breaking book for the healing arts. A concept whose time has come. Now, you can actually have knowledge to aid you to heal yourself.

"Moving far beyond stress, as a causal factor for dis-ease, Permanent Healing identifies particular attitudes which promote discord in physical functioning. It also gives suggestions for changing those attitudes to gain a more productive life and greater physical health. The extensive glossary enables us to identify the cause of any bodily disorder, and teaches how to control our wellness."

–Leading Edge Review

"To counter the notion that he is lost in a mystical new-age fog, Condron backs up his contentions about the mind-body connection with a scientific discourse, based on a detailed, understandable explanation of quantum physics.

–Albuquerque Journal

Also available on this subject is an audio tape called "The Still Mind, the Present Moment, and Permanent Healing" by the same author.

Vital Ingredient, a book by Dr. Laurel Clark, explains her great discovery concerning health.

The School of Metaphysics coursework provides many lessons that instruct concerning the subject of healing. Lesson Eighteen of the first cycle of lessons is titled, The Healing Power Within You ...

"When you heal, you are aligning your consciousness with Universal Law. The cause for healing will be mental. The effect or healing of the body will be physical. Heal with the goodness for all concerned in your consciousness. When this thought form – with the goodness for all concerned – is present, all energy moves toward the improvement of the condition."

Learn more about Healer's Portait intuitive reports and the Permanent Healing Spiritual Focus Weekend.

Karmic Healing, a book by Dr. Laurel Clark, presents her realizations and awarenesses with the ultimate healing during her husband's illness. A very helpful sourcebook for anyone who has ever participated in the healing of a loved one.
From birth through life beyond death, the insight and power of Intuitive Health Analyses.

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