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School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) enjoy a variety of online privileges. Associate members have access to SOM archives including dozens of online articles and books ranging from Universal Laws of creation and kundalini to interviews with people like author Bernie Siegel and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Associates receive discounts on books, tapes, Spiritual Focus Sessions, and SOM-sponsored events. To become an associate email us for details.

In the Fall of 2007, the SOM internet campus began offering the year-long SOM Correspondence Study. This progam enables anyone, anywhere on the planet to read, study, and practice the initial ten lessons in the School of Metaphysics course. Graduate teachers at the College of Metaphysics guide students through the material and disciplines which teach how to harmonize with Universal Law. This knowledge is as old as the Vedas and hierglyphics, as new as the mapping of the human genome and a dvd called "The Secret". Living in harmony with the laws that govern our universe brings personal brilliance to any endeavor while ensuring that the most people benefit. Over the course of a year, students learn the difference between concentration and meditation, the energies available to them for prosperity and for healing, and the sequence of thoughts that produce success and fulfillment. A complete online program of study exploring dreams and dreaming became available in 2008. Visit to learn more.

With over 50,000 reports given over the past forty years, we are assembling the world's largest database of intuitive knowledge for study and research. Those who receive Intuitive Reports through the School of Metaphysics become members of the Society for Intuitive Research. Members have access to the SIR gateway where dozens of intuitive reports, articles, and firsthand accounts can be researched when they include their email address with their report request. To learn more email us.

In 2010, the Dreamschool Scholarship Program began offering its free online Introduction to Dreaming course. By 2012, an entire program of study in dreamology will be available. You can submit a dream to be considered in the weekly "Top Ten Dreams" or attend a webclass on how to interpret dreams.

There are dozens of books, tapes, and dvds available on a wide range of topics to expand your horizons, sharpen your intelligence, ease your heart, and open your wisdom eye. Our online bookstore is open anytime of day or night.

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