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The Edge of Dreaming 

In March 2011, the School of Metaphysics brought Scottish filmmaker Amy Hardie to Chicago. She led workshops on life, death, and the transition between the two known as Celtic bardos at the C.G.Jung Center and at the Theosophical Society of North America. What did we learn about the Edge of Dreaming?

January 22 and April 30, 2011, hundreds of people in 17 cities attended a screening of an outstanding documentary on inner level realities. Read their accounts from The EDGE of DREAMING...presented in collaboration with

The Edge of Dreaming is to real life, what the movie Inception (released just one month before) is to cinematic life.  ....    "Everyone needs to see this film." Read the entire article

AWAKEN to the TRUTH of DREAMS through stories from the experts who bring you the National Dream Hotline®, GLiDE and dreamschool.org

DREAMTIME a six part series on Public Broadcasting stations

This PBS series features interviews with
SOM President Dr. Laurel Clark

Dream interpretation in the Universal Language of Mind is so important it is taught in every class in the School of Metaphysics course of mastery. 

Dreams reflect every aspect of life because they are a reflection of the dreamer's conscious state of awareness.  Parents are no longer helpless when a child wakes with nightmares because the dream-message reveals the answer.  Impending health disorders show up in dreams before the dis-order becomes physical thus giving you time to adjust your attitude and stay healthy.  Acceptance and love transcend sadness and grief when a loved one dies and comes to you in your dreams.  Adults free themselves from mental and emotional prisons when they interpret recurring dreams in the language of mind.

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10 Powers of Dreaming
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Shelley/Ramanujan & dozens more

Their dreams have changed your world. Find out how important your dreams are to our waking world. Attend a screening

"Dreaming is the most commonly recognized means that the inner mind communicates to the outer mind.  The idea that dreams are a communication from beyond the physical existence is not new.  For thousands of years mankind has been captivated and perplexed by memories of experiences arising when his physical consciousness is at rest.  These memories have become an integral part of every culture on this planet."

Our media-driven world broadcasts images of poverty, fear and violence unbeknownst to people 100 years ago.  This can become fodder for an undisciplined imagination and your dreams will tell you when this happens.  Movies project sci-fi creatures not found in the natural world on planet earth, and they now show up in our dreams.  Anti-depressants, pain medication, alcohol and drugs alter the dreamer's perspective and the affects come forth in dreams. 

The reality that there is far more to the our existence than the physical world is evidenced in our dreams.  Accurate dream interpretation is a function of intuition.  Waking up in your dreams (lucid dreaming), communing with inner level teachers and astral projecting are experienced by more and more people each year.  Your dreams can and do allow you to exist in the inner universes of subconscious mind.

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"Dreams give us a way to recognize the truth
that we are more than the physical body."
– SOM Lesson 11

The Oldest Language Known to Man 

It is from the dream research that a universal language of mind has surfaced.  This language is not man-made as is English, Spanish, or Japanese.  It was not conceived by one person, one mind, but rather by a group minds or humanity.  Just as each nation has its physical language for the communication of ideas and perceptions so dreams are conveyed in the language spoken by a group of minds.  What SOM researchers have named Universal Language of Mind is this language.  The oldest language known to man becomes the “new” language of the third millennium.

Further humanity's knowledge through participating in dream research. To learn how, click here.

…What is new in our research is the understanding of the universal principles that empower that communication.  For most people, sleeping is the only time their conscious, waking minds are still enough to possibly attend to what the inner subconscious mind has to say.  Remembering your dreams, in essence actively listening to your own subconscious mind, is very much like having a conversation with your best friend."

–from Every Dream Is About The Dreamer by Dr. Barbara Condron

At the IASD 2011 Conference in Rolduc Netherlands - SOM Presentations on Teen Dreams, Group Dreaming, Day Residue, and The Voice-Over Dream

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