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Extended Learning weekends at the College of Metaphysics

2013 Schedule & registration


Filled -- July 19-21
Creating with the Whole Mind

September 13-15
DHARMA: Your Soul's Purpose

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Learn more about the intuitive reports offered during these sessions.

What is a Spiritual Focus Session?

The time and space to redefine and commit to what is most important to you




"Creativity is the hub or core of who we are and what we do. Thank you for continuing to help me be the best I can be." -- Mandy C., referral relations, Des Moines, IA



What can I expect from this weekend?






inspiring... .

"I have changed!" – Liam M., professional athlete, Canon City, CO

Each Spiritual Focus Session is mentored by a trio of metaphysicians, teachers, healers, and counselors, who dedicate this time to your spiritual enlightenment. Whether creating a river of life, learning to see energy fields, or mind mapping your dreams, what you learn this weekend is meant to be used often and shared with those you love.

Each weekend features a lecture and Q&A with authors on the topic of the weekend.

Each weekend affords participants to be present for an Intuitive Report designed specifically for that session by Dr. Barbara Condron and Dr. Daniel Condron. Daniel offers individual counsel in the group setting to insure that participants gain the greatest benefit from the information received.

Each weekend students receive meditation instruction, dream interpretation, chi movements and breathwork which support new ways of thinking and being.

Each weekend is held at the Moon Valley Ranch where participants receive bed and board for the weekend. College of Metaphysics chefs draw upon organic garden and orchard to prepare outstanding meals appealing to your tastes and healthy for your body. Nurturing your body is an important part of soul growth and progression. This weekend everything you taste, smell, see, hear, and feel will have this intention in mind.

Each weekend has its own unique offerings. You may walk to the nearby river or watch the embers glow in a campfire. What you experience this weekend will serve as the transition you need to leave the old behind and initiate the new.

"This weekend has helped me to understand the silence between the words and thoughts. It has encouraged me to open myself to silence, to invest in the truth of silence. I will recommend this session to others. -- Barker D., sound engineer, Boulder, CO

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