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"I have achieved a newfound ability to reach out to and touch my students in my English as a Second Language classes, to give them more effectively both the language skills they need to succeed, and the belief in themselves that has aided them to be succesful, productive American citizens. My greatest achievement has been with my special student, my daughter Kira, who's 10 years old. I have gone from a smothering parent to the kind of parent I've alwys anted to be, to offer her a positive role model, love without question, acceptance and the independence to be the creative, capable, giving person she wants to be in order to live a fulfilling life. I am truly proud of what I have learned here at the School of Metaphysics. Thank you so much for offering this unique and invaluable course of study." –M.H., English as a Second Language Teacher

The activity that gives our ideal and purpose form is "teaching teachers". For decades, SOM has taught the principles of creation and provided people with a place to put them into action. In this way ever-changing groups of people come together over time and space to learn, to understand, and to connect with their own wisdom. Read the story of six women who have left behind the #1 fear that paralyzes most more

The Road to Mastery by Brenton Harris, student-teacher Dallas, Texas

Anyone who has followed George Leonard along his prescribed path to mastery recognizes that he falls into one of three categories: the obsessive, the hacker, and the dabbler. In our present time of decreasing attention spans and desires for quick fixes, we often identify more readily with one of the previous three than that of the sage. The obsessive forsakes duality and flips into overdrive in his attempt to push through any type of steadiness and assimilation, in order to seek what is better and faster. The end result: burnout. The hacker is the one given to comfortable habits, for she experiences a bit of growth and then sets the cruise control at a safe speed to stay the same. And then there is the dabbler, who dips his toes into many different pools, enjoying the temperature of the water long enough for the thrill of something new, and then moves on once the excitement of infancy has passed.

A line from a recent intuitive report gives quite a clear picture as to which of the three I typically represent:

We see that there are many avenues that this one has for self expression that this one does explore, however there has been in the past a tendency to move into a position or place of responsibility until this one is fulfilled, seemingly, more accurately until this one’s conscious mind becomes restless and then this one reaches out or seeks again another avenue for the fulfillment (12-23-2010-CAM-1).

Yes, I am a dabbler. In fact, my laboratory experience while in the School of Metaphysics has been a direct reflection of the above quotation! Since November of 2008 I have dabbled my way through FIVE lab positions (sacred space, vibrations reporter, media, healing class, media again), each time without ever moving beyond an adolescent stage of growth. There was never a sustaining of growth, the raising of new leaders, or the consistency of truly producing. Imagine my excitement to have finally realized this pattern, now taking steps to utilize this opportunity that karma has brought forth (yet again)!

I have come back to the beginning, moving into Sacred Space in our Dallas school center. As I examined my previous experiences with labs I came to some unique insights that will be the catalysts for a new experience for me and many others. Our success here, like all other forms of success, may be traced back to a simple, four-part equation:

Ideal + Purpose + Goal + Activity = Success

It all begins with vision. Since receiving my dharma profile in May, I have realized the true importance of painting and sustaining vision: “There is a type of insight that this one is capable of which does lend itself to a clarity and vision that is needed by the self and others in order for there to be progress (5-12-2011-BCG-1). Of course, to make this dharma active, I must involve other people. And what better way to experience group creation than sacred space?

The vision is the ideal, and it must be sustained, painted, shared, and evolved by the I Am of the creation (in this case, me, the lab leader). The ideal is the realm of images and stories, reasoning in terms of cause and effect so potential energies are created and amplified. It is the duty of the leader to make this image so alive within himself that it becomes an unshakeable, unbreakable fire that is left with only one choice: to grow!

Next we add purpose. This ingredient is initiated by the leader, the I Am, because it is very closely related to the ideal. We may think of the “IPGA” equation as an example of bringing heaven to earth, because ideal and purpose are high minded, vision-oriented ideas (heaven), that manifest through goals and activities—the physical, directed, action-based results (earth). The purpose gains power, though, when combined with the minds of others as they begin to envision how they will grow and expand by reaching for the ideal. Now is the time to add the core team, the “inside circle.” Sacred space version 2.0 in Dallas has formed a group of me and two other potential leaders, meaning the ideal and purpose have become 100 times more powerful (I believe that “3” times more powerful is linear, while 103 times greater is more of the reality of the exponential nature of mind!). Imagine if John the Baptist had two more zealous believers proclaiming the good things to come… This is what we are going for here.

Now we set goals, the physical manifestations of the ideal. In teaching people how to lead, I realize the necessity of my setting the first round of goals. The I Am still holds the vision, so the purest form of ideals made manifest through goals will come from him. In this regard, the teaching occurs through a very simple yet profoundly powerful process: asking questions and listening. The simple question, “what is your goal for this week?” can do wonders to propel both the potential leader, as well as the lab, school center, and city to new heights. The crucial part here, I have learned, is the consistency and sustainability of the “pulse” that goals provide. I heard Dr. Laurel speak once of the power of goals because they give the conscious mind direction. Thus, another productive question makes its debut: “Are we accomplishing our goals each week?” One of my favorite things about sacred space is that it is very easy to tell whether we accomplished our goals. Is the kitchen floor different? Is the fence painted? Is the yard mowed…?

And our finale is ushered in by good old activity. This is the part of the equation that brings everybody together: those in the sacred space lab and those that are not; new students and advanced students; infants and adults. The activities, with which consistency also plays a crucial part, provide the bricks in the road to mastery. When combined with ideal, purpose, and goals, the activities become a joyous practice of disciplined learning, providing the actual opportunities to teach and lead. Furthermore, these activities provide avenues to continue sharing the grand vision that set the whole creation into motion in the first place, spiraling out toward an ever-expanding creation.

My path toward mastery in this instance is long, and I have only just begun. My reward at the end, however, is great. Underlying the entire process is a new current of commitment that will carry me through to completion. No matter how daunting the task may seem (and in this course of study, there are times when the changes I knew I needed to make seemed like impassable mountains), I realize that with ideals, purposes, goals, and activities, especially when combined with commitment, are the most powerful tools I have available. They provide me with the ultimate amount of leverage in any creation, so that I may cause the tipping point necessary to succeed. We truly are capable of all things.

“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I will move the entire earth.”
-Archimedes (c. 287-212 B.C.)

With 16 branches, five internet campuses, and membership in over two dozen countries, the School of Metaphysics is dedicated to teaching principles and practices designed to bring forth the potential of the whole Self. It does not promise instant enlightenment or overnight success. The step-by-step method of applied study is guaranteed to produce permanent results through daily use of universal truths. Students develop understanding and mastery of mental skills including undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory, re-energizing and realizing of mind and body, mental healing, and communication. Meditation, dream interpretation, intuitive and spiritual development are the means to experience the inner levels of consciousness. These disciplines bring the student into the realm of that consciousness. These disciplines bring the student into the realm of that unused ninety percent of the brain power and open doors to what exists beyond the physical life. The applied study produces Self awareness and insight into the greatest mysteries life has to offer.

The School of Metaphysics program supplements more traditional forms of higher education by teaching the student how to fully utilize knowledge gained through previous schooling. Its teachings are unique, innovative, and bold. When the principles of memory are understood, the student moves beyond the limitations of rote memorization of knowledge. When the principles of will are understood, the student realizes his ability to determine his personal impact upon the world's body of knowledge. When the principles of imagination are understood, the student is free to employ his own creativity thus expanding his knowledge beyond the commonplace and contributing to the progress of mankind. The student applies knowledge in his own experiences thus reaching his own personal greatness.

Through mental disciplines, the student gains command of the reasoning abilities. As the inner thinker develops, the essence of education becomes apparent. The educate comes from the Latin educatus meaning to draw out or to lead forth. The School of Metaphysics program is founded upon this principle, for it draws out the best the individual has to offer and leads him to greater understanding and achievement as a whole Self.

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