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The Voice-Over Dream

presented by Dr. Laurel Clark

Although many dreams are rich with visual imagery, some dreams seem to have only a sound track. What causes these “voice-over” dreams? This paper explores the kind of dream, often associated with a hypnopompic state, that features a clear voice with an unmistakable message.

Sometimes the authoritative voice in these dreams is familiar to the dreamer, but often it is not. It can have messages for healing, answers to incubated questions, or advice for life’s situations.

In this presentation, I will give examples of dreams I have had with clear voice-only messages. One, an answer to an incubation that gave me a title to a book I was writing (which was so successful it sold out in its first year of publication), another, with a healing message that was confirmed by an intuitive happening later in the day. I will also explore the voice-only dreams of other dreamers.

This paper explores how dream incubation works, showing the process by which the conscious and subconscious minds work together to solve problems and offer creative solutions. It shows how a thought generated by the conscious mind is planted in subconscious mind, and how the subconscious mind answers the questions the conscious mind asks, resulting in this type of clear communication through dreams and the hypnopompic state.

It raises questions such as why some dreamers receive clear voice-only answers, and why some dreamers receive answers that are cloaked in symbols. It also explores the kind of communication such dreamers have while awake … do those with voice-only dreams focus on words, written and spoken communication while awake? Do they tend to be more auditory than visual learners?

The paper also explores the hypnopompic state with some suggestions for dreamers to hold their attention still while in the process of awakening, thereby allowing this type of voice message to come through so that the dreamer can hear it, record it, and heed it.

Learning objectives:
Describe the characteristics of the “voice only” dreams.
Show a diagram of the mind that shows how dream incubation is a process of visualization, a 2-way communication between conscious and subconscious minds.
Explain how to use concentration exercises to hold the attention still so that voice-only messages may be heard and recorded.

Laurel Clark, D.M., D.D., is the President of the School of Metaphysics, USA. A teacher since 1979, author, interfaith minister, and counselor, Laurel has also been instrumental in writing some of the www.dreamschool.org online dream course.

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