SOMA Tenets..universal beliefs to live by


Interfaith community of Metaphysics  (ICOM) Tenets

Universal beliefs to live by.....

We believe:

That man, whether male or female, is a spiritual being having been given existence and free will by his Creator.

That the Creator set into motion laws which function throughout our universe governing creation.

That man, whether male or female, is made in the likeness and image of his Creator; thus possesses the freedom and responsibility of creating with thought.

That thought is cause, and everything else is subcause.

That each individual is striving to know Truth that is Universal becoming compatible to his Maker.

That temporal life is a choice made by each soul for the acceleration of spiritual progression.

That each individual has every possible opportunity for a spiritually enriching existence if he will only choose to envision and live it.

That the destiny of man, whether male or female, is an enlightened an intuitive, spiritual being demonstrated by singular individuals throughout the Earth's history.

That this spiritual maturity is the quest of every individual, and can be aspired to through ever-increasing awareness through disciplining our minds, by meditation, by prayer, and by positive thinking.

That as this destiny is manifest in the individual's progression, it is manifest for all people, and the evolution of mankind is accelerated.

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