The Source of Creation is our Destiny


The Source of Creation is our Destiny

by Teresa Padilla

We may not all agree upon who our Creator is, however I think we all believe that we come from a source of creation and return to this source. In other words, we acknowledge the existence of a Creator. This source is our destiny. Everything created returns to its’ source. In a way, we are all ordained creators; made in the divine image and likeness of our mental parent. We are to return to this source through our own journey of creation. Compatibility is how. We all have the ability to be a Creator and to become one. The way that we do this is through understanding the universal laws that govern and guide creation to exist. One of these universal laws is known as the Law of Proper Perspective. Now most of us have come to understand this law through establishing priorities in our life. Many have and do wield this law every day. However, few know its’ power and therefore are conscious of this law in action in their lives.

In order to have priorities you must know where you are going. We are all headed to become compatible with our true source or Creator. How else do we establish where we are going? Through goals and ideals. These give us a direction. The fastest way to a destination is a straight path. When we know our goals then we will make choices compatible with these goals. These are ways to build compatibility. Then we can begin to prioritize our goals. Make choices as to what is most important to us. We create in order, just like the order in the universe.

Then we have a broader perspective as to the timing of what we want to create and accomplish first. In the physical we work with time as a gauge for when to do things. In the universe we establish time through priorities. This becomes our gauge for movement and growth.

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