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"Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life."

–Herbert Otto, author

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Astrology as Tool for Self Revelation
Numerology Palmistry Iridology
Iris Analysis Gems & Crystals

Ancient Wisdom

Intuitive Breathing
Spiritual Significance of Music
Communication with Afterlife
Energies for Self Recovery

Serge King's

Most Powerful Secret in the World

Meditation: Pathway to Perfection
Stage of Spiritual Growth
Lifting Up the World of Oneness-Heart
Hans Holzer's Foremost Questions
IMAGINATION: Technology for New Spirituality

Whose Image are You Created In?

Best Metaphysical Fiction of the Year

In 1975 a student in St. Louis, Missouri was convinced the School of Metaphysics should have its own magazine. "This is the way we will reach the world!" he proclaimed.

He was right.

Thresholds enables us to go many places and meet extraordinary people. It chronicles the timeless in a changeable moment of our history. Much of what is available here at is reprinted from its pages. Thresholds is a record of the many people who have met, shared, lived, learned and loved together (sometimes even marrying) through their association with the School of Metaphysics. In that way it is a testament to the incredible influence SOM has had on all our lives, even if you are new to our School.

We are very grateful for all the people who have envisioned Thresholds and put energy into it, for their efforts now return manifold to us all. Whether you use this section as a reference on subjects of interest or an enjoyable time of relaxation and fantasy, we guarantee your mind will be stimulated and your spirit will soar.

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