A FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, the three new races



Children describe the visions of the PEACE BANER they created during the Universal Hour of Peace. Images, beginning as thought in the mind, are the means for universal communication within the whole Self of one individual and between many minds. Fostering image expression in people, young and old alike, is a first step toward entraining the heart, mind, will, and perception.

Always know that in you lies the power
to provide you with all that you will ever need
Always know that you are a shining part of
the divine light.
Always know that you are a free-thinking individual
expression of the one.

–Matthew Stephen
June 17, 2000

Mystic Chilren....the three new races

by Dr. Barbara Condron

There has always been a sense about the School of Metaphysics that we are drawn to it because we recognize the need to revolutionize education. Today this is as true as ever before.

Recently I’ve been studying information from around the world concerning what Drunvalo Melchizedek calls the “children of the new millennium.” There are three types of children coming into our world who will aid greatly in the revolution.

The first group are the psychic kids. These are the growing number, particularly in China, who can see with their ears, move vitamins to the outside of a sealed bottle, ignite something across the room. These abilities have been studied since the '80's in special government schools.

The second group have a nonhuman DNA, meaning their DNA is different making their immune systems unlike anything we have seen. An expression of this is in their immunity to AIDS. In fact what terminates life for most people on the planet will not produce the same for these people. They are immune to all the diseases that affect mortal man and are therefore the harbingers of immortality.

The third group is termed the Indigo children. They are the technologically brilliant - the amazingly intelligent, quick-minded computer whizzes. Leaders in this group who were born decades ago are the ones who have already made the Internet part of our lexicon. What the 12-year-old and even 5-year-old of today will do in the next decade is awesome to imagine. When they have heart with their head they are tremendous healers.

All of these so-called "new kids" are the advanced souls who know why they are here, they have a mission from birth, and their connection with the Infinite is unshakeable. In fact many are highly intuitive, some are potentially Christ-conscious. These are the talented and gifted children the SOM spotlighted during the ‘70’s.

Increasingly children being born are in these groups. And they are appearing in countries around the globe, infact they comprise an estimated 1% of the world population. That's 6 million children. This documentation is quite exciting to me as those of us at the School of Metaphysics have been teaching the forerunners for years. The thousands who have studied at SOM fit one and sometimes more of these descriptions. SOM was brought into being to teach the teachers who will teach the teachers of these wise souls riding in young bodies.

When I entered SOM we were talking about how different the public school system will be when concentration is taught. When students begin their day with a ten minute clock concentration. With certainty there will be far less children being diagnosed, labeled, and drugged by frustrated parents and teachers who don’t know what to do with them.

Teaching intuitive breathing will cause the number of asthmatic kids on inhalers to radically decrease until it disappears from our lives. Learning the Universal Language of Mind will keep the door open to the subconscious mind, increase Self esteem, emotional security, and mental creativity. Meditation will teach connectedness with others, the caring needed by so many of our youth, as well as the desire to give to something greater than the Self.

The basic sciences of the mind can and should be taught at every age. Many of you are familiar with the SOM course of study (although in these millenial years the entire course is evolving and is becoming new to all of us) as it is taught in major cities. There is an entire system of education for these “Indigo children of the new millennium” of all ages that is developing here at the College of Metaphysics.

Camp Niangua stimulates us to put this into focus every year, and Camp’s progression is a marvel to behold. What began almost two decades ago as six weeks of gardening has evolved into a rounded curriculum for young masters of consciousness (please read Dr. Pam’s article in this issue). Nowadays the adult-teachers get to give the kind of learning they would have loved to have had while stretching their imagination to create what has not been done before.

Life becomes the schoolroom. The kitchen is the chemistry lab. Ponds or trees are root race biology in motion. Music is electromagnetism for mind and body. Swimming is water purification and gardening visualization. By seeking to serve the children, we better serve others for every camp enhances the College curriculum for the older “kids” of all ages who study for a full year.

At the College of Metaphysics teaching typing is more than a physical skill every serious computer user needs. It is a class in attention and recall, in imaging and discipline where students range in age from 12 to 50. Meditation is more than a restful spiritual reverie, it is a consciousness that pervades your energy filling you with the presence of God whether prayful or playful.

About Indigo children
from the people who wrote the book....

"Indigo children display a new and unusual set of psychological attributes (thus the name 'indigo' and show a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before."

10 common traits of Indigo Children

1. They come into the world with a feeling of royalty
(and often act like it).

2. They have a feeling of "deserving to be here,"
and are surprised when others don't share that.

3. Self-worth is not a big issue.
They often tell the parents "who they are."

4. They have difficulty with absolute authority
(authority without explanation or choice.)

5. They simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.

6. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don't require creative thought.

7. They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like "system busters" (nonconforming to any system).

8. They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward,
feeling like no other human understands them.
School is often extremely difficult for them socially.

9, They will not respond to "guilt" discipline ("Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did").

10. They are not shy in letting you know what they need.

- from The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, ©1999, ISBN: 1-56170-608-6

Age does not determine education in the future - the need and desire of the student does.

Increasingly children are coming into the world with full souls - many understandings wanting to shine.

This is why they have a “royal” attitude, why they expect to know the reason behind accepted beliefs. The authors of Indigo Children, a book I highly recommend, report this tendency to question authority is often misinterpreted as rebellion. The rebellion is more in the minds of those in “authority”, for these mystical children know they are God’s offspring. Their need to know is the bane of the conformist thinking that buries the human spirit until physical death is welcomed as a relief from years of fighting for the right to remain unconscious.

The beautiful thing is, these children don’t cave because they have such a high degree of integrity. These children cannot be bought through manipulations, like guilt or fear, as some of us were as children. Just their presence commands a level of honesty from everyone. This is how respect is earned, and how it is taught. These children will not at all be put out by the disappearing “privacy” of our electronic world. It is a natural extention of the evolution of consciousness.

These children are more intelligent than many, perhaps most, adults. They have an inner knowing that life is for learning. They are seeking to put their understandings together, to synthesize them. They need matured minds who can and are willing to guide them as well as love them, to mentor them in fully utilizing mind and body and spirit.

Where will these revolutionary teachers come from?

You and I.

I am continually amazed at the unfolding of our universe. Humanity’s evolution coming to the world in this manner is the most beautiful expression of harmony with Universal Law I have ever witnessed. Human man shares a love for his offspring that motivates him when all other physical stimuli fail to spark his awareness. It is love, the power of love, that will initiate this revolution worldwide. Jesus knew it 2000 years ago. It has been foretold in some form in every religion on the planet. And we get to live it!

How we treat others is important. Education will be the greatest way to treat others for in its highest form it is the giving and receiving of wisdom. If we don’t come upon this truth from our own yearning, we will learn how through the children.

As Jesus said, “A little child will lead them....”•

©2000 Vol. 18 No. 2 Thresholds Quarterly

©2002 School of Metaphysics

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