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The Joy and Wonder of the Indigo Child

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The Evolution of the Gifted Child
Hungry all the Time: Insatiable Appetities for Learning
A Different Kind of Memory
Gratitude: Prerequisite for Reasoning
The Little Red Schoolhouse Turns Indigo
Creating a Spiritual Focus for your Family
Birds of a Feather Flock Together
What do Indigos Dream?
Drawing on your Dreams for Conscious Parenting
7 Things I've Learned in the First 7 Years

9/11 from the eyes of an Indigo Child
Learning the Lessons of Conflict, War, & Terror
Dreams as Talisman
There are Alternatives to Drugs for your Child
Universal Ways People Learn
Mystic Kids
"In apprehension...like a god!" WILL POWER

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How does one become a mental gymnast, fluid in thought and expression? Can intelligence be developed? Can intuition be taught? Is mystical experience everyone’s future?

An urgent need to know these answers is present in the minds of increasing numbers of people. People are waking up, realizing that maturity, wisdom, and self mastery are worthy goals in life. They are redefining life experience beyond the cars they drive, the money they make, and the people they know. In greater numbers they are viewing life as a spiritual journey for Self mastery.

This is where your willingness to excel begins. Indigo energy brings an incredible opportunity for reuniting the soul. With guidance from those who are already doing so they can excel. The energies are present for all of us to use. How we interpret our experiences, like the 9/11/01 tragedy in New York City, dictates individual progression. The degree to which we accelerate our own growth in awareness is the degree to which we can expect global change.

We may doubt our individual importance. Indigos never do. They have an inner link that connects them with the whole. They have a strong inner sense that goes beyond the fears that may have held you and me back. And, free of mind control drugs, they will continue to embrace experience completely, moving beyond the polarizing world of light/dark, good/bad, right/wrong inherent in those who think with the brain instead of the mind.

This site contains illuminating experiences with the very wise souls coming to us now in the form of our children. It is a very old thought that the future of humanity is in the hands of its children. What is new about the interest in the Indigo Child, the Children of the Rainbow, the Talented and Gifted, the Millenium Child, the psychic child, and so on, is not the beauty of the children rather it is the heightening of our interest in them.

These children fulfilling their destiny requires that we be Self aware. This is where what the School of Metaphysics teaches adults comes in.

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