from the newly released How to Raise an Indigo Child

Ideas for Adults who Love Indigo Children
by Dr. Laurel Clark, author of Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose

In the past couple of months, there has been a huge wave of interest in indigo children. A movie called Indigo was released in theaters around the world on January 29th. The brainchild of peacemaker James Twyman, Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsh, and film producer/director Stephen Simon, the word about Indigo spread with a great grass roots word-of-mouth internet buzz.

As a result, people are now talking about indigo children, asking, What is an indigo child? Is my child an indigo? Could I be an indigo? What does it mean?

My experience in the past month has shown me that we have what these parents, teachers, grandparents, and other adults need: EDUCATION. People of all ages have come to lectures and workshops given by the School of Metaphysics, asking intelligent and thoughtful questions about who these indigos are and how to help them. From January 23rd through February 17th, we received book orders at World Headquarters for 600 copies of How to Raise an Indigo Child. In Lexington, KY and St. Louis, MO I called a number of Montessori schools and Waldorf schools, and every one of the teachers I spoke with was thrilled to hear that we can aid them to teach these energetic, strong-willed and imaginative children. School of Metaphysics representatives are available for lectures and workshops at schools in cities where we have branches for parents and teachers alike.

We in the School of Metaphysics have been teaching adults essential life skills for over 30 years. Understanding the mind and how it works gives us the keys to understanding the needs of indigos and how to fulfill them. We have many resources available to you:

Classes for adults to learn to understand their own minds and to develop their potential

The inspiring and educational book How to Raise an Indigo Child

Spiritual Focus Weekends to learn to cultivate genius, to parent an indigo child, to understand kundalini energy;

Peacemakers songs in print and on audiocassette

Kanakam meditation for children

illustrated Circle of Love book and

the new Morning Son, Daughter Moon Indigo Family Odyssey.

There are not many other resources available for indigo children or their parents, and we have a vast treasure chest of knowledge, understanding, and experience for you to use.

The Indigo children are the next generation, our future. Many of us in the School of Metaphysics have the characteristics of indigos: energetic, creative, intuitive, imaginative, strong willed, needing to understand purpose, independent thinkers. As we learn to understand ourselves, we are passing on to others what we have found works and how to guide these brilliant souls in small bodies. These are some of the ways available to you right now.

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