A FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, camp niangua

What's it like to go to Camp Niangua?

The College of Metaphysics campus is the setting for this eight day sumer camp for youngsters ten to fifteen. A home away from home, children learn how to live with nature and each other. Be it setting the table, raising the flag, or feeding the chickens, each activity is enthused with qualities that make for a meaningful life. Here freedom and responsibility are one action of mind and body.

Each year the curriculum changes. One year campers examine the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin, another year it is the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, yet another year it is painting like the great masters of the world and inventing like great thinkers. Whether swimming, practicing yoga or intuitive arts, going on nature walks, star gazing, woodworking, inventing, meditating, interpreting dreams, making candles, singing, or cooking, the week is filled with life skills taught by a staff of seasoned teachers who love sparking a gleam in someone’s eye. The kids especially like being on the college campus, living and learning with people of all ages. This is living the meaning of life....growth at all stages for all ages!

By Saturday night, the performance and display of the week’s accomplishments astound every adult present. Singing songs and poems they have composed, dancing, demonstrating their inventions, even leading the audience in intuitive tests, the kids are the highlight of the Family Weekend for SOMA members.

If your child is age 10-15 and would like to attend, contact Dr. Pam Blosser, Camp Niangua director for dates and details.

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