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a wide range of educational programs for young people that forge new territory
When teachers of the not-for-profit School of Metaphysics decided to live what we teach by giving $50,000 away, it set into motion a stream of consciousness and chain of events that will extend into the next century.

Seeking a worthy recipient of this no-strings-attached monetary gift has revealed itself as a quest for excellence in teaching and learning. Our search for those who teach the gifted and talented among us, the inventors, scientists, artists, statesmen - and yes - even mystics of tomorrow, has enriched us all. There are many good people doing outstanding work in meeting the needs of the future leaders of our planet. They deserve to be recognized for their work is innovative and inspiring.

The Maker's Dozen is our effort to do so.

It is heartening to know that we are actively contributing to progressive change. Change that gives answers. Change that produces soul growth. Change that is expanding consciousness and transforming lives. The teachers and students of the schools featured here are paving the way.

In the next few months we want to share this list with as many people as possible. We plan to challenge profit corporations to support these and other like-minded schools. We recommend people support these schools through giving their energies - be they time, participation, or money. Or even better; put all three to work in your community by finding the educational gem in your own backyard or creating one! That's how each one of these schools began: someone dreaming a dream they are willing to make come true.

Here is the beginning of Education for the Third Millennium - the thirteen schools we wished we could have gone to and the ones that will make your child say,


I want to go to that school!

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