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"Now, a good heart in other words is motivation. So if the motivation is good, positive, compassionate motivation, then every human action becomes positive, constructive. Now for example, you see the economy, technology, science, engineering, law or the economy, politics, even warfare. If the person has the sincere, affectionate motivation, compassionate motivation, even warfare becomes less destructive. If the person’s motivation is negative, even religion becomes dirty religion. So with the human motivation or affectionate motivation all activities become something constructive, that means through all human activities will bring benefit for humanity." - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and founder of the American Wholistic Medicine Association Norm Shealy, Random Acts of Kindness founder Will Glennon, Rebirthing founder Leonard Orr, futurist and author Barbara Marx Hubbard, midwife Diane Barnes, principal of School of the Plains John Cathy....

Through the years we have met some of the greatest minds on the plant. These are remarkable people because their lives have directly affected the quality of life for many others. Each person has their story, and these people shared theirs in the pages of Thresholds, the journal for SOMA members.

"Now I don’t feel as if I had a bad, unfinished business. I don’t have any anger, guilt over my past life. I have no people that I hate, I haven’t been abused, I was treated as well, better, than most people, as well as any child could be. My mother adored me. I don’t have a lot of psychological problems that I’m aware of. I don’t think I do. But I had a will that was out of balance. And maybe it can be that simple, that’s fairly simplistic in a sense. And yet, I believe that I was so stubborn and so unwilling to pay attention to the basic need to integrate the heart and the will and the mind and not have any one of them truly dominate that I didn’t pay attention. And I think even when one doesn’t have serious psychological things you can have an imbalance of that kind that can lead to accidents and/or illnesses." -C. Norm Shealy

What strikes us, as we review the words of these men and women, is the timelessness of their words. It impresses upon us once again that wisdom knows no boundaries, and truth no limits. Enjoy being in the company of these insightful thinkers.....

"We are the first generation to be conscious of evolution, and responsible for guiding our evolution on a planetary scale. Conscious evolution occurs on three levels. The first level is a deeper intuitive knowing of the pattern -- attunement, guidance to the process of creation, both personally and for our species. The second way is through science and technology. We’re learning how nature works. We can build new life forms. We can clone embryos. We can build new worlds in space. We can change bodies. We can create new organisms. This is literally physical co-creation. It has now happened. The third way is socially. We must become co-creators because we’re affecting our social environment by everything we do -- how many babies we have, what kind of cars we drive, how we handle our waste. We have become co-creators with nature and nature’s God in handling our social as well as our physical environment." - Barbara Marx Hubbard

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