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"The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries."


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Half a million books have been published and distributed worldwide over the first 25 years of SOM. Each work contains timeless wisdom of Universal Truth while reflecting the consciousness of the time it was written. In this way our books are becoming a historical record of Mankind's movement from physical Reasoning Man into Spiritual Intuitive Man.

We want to make the truths in these books available to everyone. Some of these titles can only be found here on the internet. They are not presently in print. Most of those titles are available on audio cassette. Excerpts of the books published more recently appear throughout this website and can still be ordered directly from SOM Headquarters or purchased at your local bookstore.

Read and learn.....Titles available right now at the SOM Library

Remembering Atlantis: The History of the World Vol. 1
Be Happy
Believing and Knowing the Magic Twins
The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols
The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols-Revelation
Cannibal Universe
The Dreamer's Dictionary
Dreams: Language of the Soul
Dreams of the Soul: Yogi Sutras of Patanjali
First Opinion: Wholistic Health Care in the 21st Century
Going in Circles: Our Search for a Satisfying Relationship
Kundalini Rising: Mastering Creative Energies
Mind and its Divisions
Permanent Healing
PSIology: Evolutionary Step in Psychology
Superconscious Meditation
Spiritual Renaissance
Shaping Your Life
Universal Language of Mind: The Book of Matthew Interpreted
What Will I do Tommorow? Probing Depression
Work of the Soul: Past Life Recall and Spiritual Enlightenment
Vital Ingredient
Uncommon Knowledge: Past Life & Health Readings

Selected fictional works from Thresholds Quarterly

Here is a complete listing of all books produced by the School of Metaphysics thus far.

_ Free Willie
_ Arnold
_ Metaphysical Morsels

_ You Really Can Have Anything You Desire
_ Dreams: Language of the Soul
_ Mind and Its Divisions
_ Reincarnation: Does It Make Sense
_ Cannibal Universe
_ All You Ever Wanted To Know About Auras
_ Your Body Is The Reflection of Your Mind
_ Charisma: the Art of Communication
_ Symbols of Dreams
_ What Will I Do Tomorrow? Probing Depression
_ Evolution: The Master Plan

_ Autobiography of A Skeptic
_ Giving and Receiving: Cycle of Balance
_ Believing and Knowing: The Magic Twins
_ My Dream Notebook
_ Casting Out Demons

_ New Horizons
_ Psiology: Evolutionary Step in Psychology
_ From A Catepillar To A Butterfly: Looking at the Ego
_ Meditation: Answer to Your Prayers

_ Going in Circles: Our Search for a Satisfying Relationship

_ Oh My Colors!

_ Human, a novel

_ Discovering the Kingdom of Heaven
_ Most Beautiful Book In the World
_ Odd Man Out

_ Beyond Sales
_ When All Else Fails Be Prosperous

_ When All Else Fails Be Somebody

_ Who Were Those Strangers in My Dream?
_ When All Else Fails Be Healthy

_ When All Else Fails Be Happy
_ When All Else Fails Be Successful
_ When All Else Fails Be Creative
_ Book of Life
_ Power of Structure

_ Mechanics of Dreams
_ Beyond Phenomena

_ When All Else Fails Be Honest

_ Dreams of the Soul: The Yogi Sutras of Patanjali

_ Permanent Healing
_ Total Recall
_ Kundalini Rising

_ Shaping Your Life: The Power of Creative Imagery
_ I Eat Meat For Spiritual Reasons
_ Universal Language of Mind: The Book of Matthew Interpreted
_ Dreamer's Dictionary
_ Understanding Your Dreams

_ Concentration

_ Seven Secret Keys to Prosperity and Abundance
_ Guardian Angels
_ Work of the Soul
_ Uncommon Knowledge
_ A Stroll Through the Planetary Garden

_ First Opinion: Wholistic Health Care for the 21st Century
_ Motivation

_ Superconscious Meditation: Kundalini & the Understanding of the Whole Mind
_ Vital Ingredient

_ Spiritual Renaissance: Elevating Your Consciousness for the Common Good

_ The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols

_Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery
–7 Steps to Deeper Meditation

_Remembering Atlantis: A History of the World, Vol. 1
_How to Raise an Indigo Child
_Kundalini Poetry

2004 _The Tao Te Ching Interpreted and Explained
_Peacemaking: 9 Lessons for Changing Yourself, Your Relationships, & Your World
_Isaiah 55
_How Much is Your SOM Education Worth?

Eventually we hope to have the entire or partial text of each of these books here in the SOM Library. If a title you want does not appear here today, visit us again soon. We plan to add new titles every month, and will sometimes change excerpts from the longer texts.

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