SOM course of study, making ancient wisdom openly available to anyone

COURSE of STUDY, making ancient wisdom openly available to anyone

School of Metaphysics Educational Program


"If grains of sand can become a reflection of the Divine, just think what can happen to the human being."

–His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

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SCHOOL OF METAPHYSICS COURSE an adventure in Mastering Consciousness

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That's what brings people to the study of metaphysics? The questions they are asking are the questions of a seeker of truth. The answers to these questions are not found in a book nor do they come from an expert. The answers to the questions of the seeker come from within.

The course of study offered through the School of Metaphysics in fourteen major Midwest cities and through correspondence is designed to teach the most important skill you can learn – the use and understanding of your whole Mind.

The only prerequisite for entering this study is a willingness to change. What you will learn here will change the way you see yourself and the world.

Here you will read and you will do. You will conceive and you will experience. You will create and you will manifest. You will believe and you will know.

Everything you learn here will have a practical application in your everyday life. Self Respect, the first initiation, will increase your confidence with others as it frees you to learn from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Undivided attention will bring poise and mental control as it opens your awareness to inner wisdom. Concentration will put you in control of your life as it sparks your talent and creativity. Remembering will increase your efficiency in any task as it reveals where you came from and who you are. Listening will deepen your relationships with others as it opens the door to your inner Self. This is where you begin.

The beauty of this course of study is you receive from it exactly what you are willing to give to it. And so when you ask students what they have learned you will hear an amazing array of all the possibilities of human love, to live more fully, to heal, to succeed, to know God, to create what I want, to be free of limitations, to keep commitments, forgive, to relax, to energize, to set goals, to go with the flow, to start new things, to finish what I start, to be closer to my loved ones, to be a better friend, employee, employer, spouse, parent, citizen, to let go, to hold on....

What will you learn?

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