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Spiritual Focus Sessions, June 21 through 24, 2007

Time for Family....a vacation you will cherish all your lives



Of all the things you will ever give your children, YOU will be the greatest. This extended weekend is for you, your spouse, and your children.

In today's society, children are separated from their parents at increasingly earlier times. Morning Son, Daughter Moon is designed to unite parents and children in four days and three nights of exploration, discovery, and adventure. The long weekend begins at dinnertime Thursday, July 21 with a trek to the river where each family weaves a medicine basket that will be filled throughout the next few days. Good medicine is what offers resolve to the mind, calmness to the emotion, and ease to the body. Your child will learn that good medicine is found in the earth and in the sky, in those he and she loves and in self. Following a circle of love around the campfire, families make camp in the woods.

The next two days are devoted to experiencing each other and nature. The fresh air purifies the body and the soul. In a society where almost half the children in this age group have breathing problems, learning proper ways to breathe and having clean air to draw into your lungs becomes important. From tai chi to writing letters, from meditation to sacred dance, you will learn the wisdom of the ancients and apply it to your lives now. Whether looking for earthly treasure in one of the Ozark caves, contemplating the night time heavens, or floating the Niangua River, you will make memories that will last all your life.

Sunday morning culminates as each child walks the labyrinth. Those under 13 walk with their parents. Those who are 13 walk alone as a symbol of maturity. Then a mosaic tile is placed in the mandala of the floor in the Peace Dome to commemorate this experience.

Morning Son, Daughter Moon is designed to give you what you need most – time together. Time to create together, to discover together, to accomplish together. Your children will see you in a completely new light as you grow and learn together. From morning dreamwork to evening fireside chats, what you will learn about yourself and your child will warm your heart and open your mind. That is good medicine!

Almost every culture on Earth has recognized the rite of passage from child to adult. This is lacking in modern American society, and it shows. You can change this for your child. Come and make this time special for your family. You will be glad you did.

I stand in the
center of the Earth
In a sacred manner
I see the tribe
gathered around me
Behold me
I Am
–Sioux Prayer

When Black Elk was only nine years old, he had a spirit dream that showed him the sacred hoop of the world, where all living things dwell together, each hoop joined within one circle. He had a vision of the Six Grandfathers, the Powers of the World, who gave him special gifts of healing, seeing, and teaching. An Oglala Lakota Sioux, Black Elk grew up in Wyoming in the late 1800s, a time when the Amerian Indian way of life was in great danger of disappearing.

Now we experience souls in our midst who are bringing to earth a new way of life. They are healers who love unconditionally. They are visionaries who live between the worlds. They are teachers who speak the Truth. They are Mahatmas, great souls, and they are one or ten or one hundred.

Morning Son, Daughter Moon is designed to give your eight to fourteen year old sacred grounding. Every culture honors the coming of age, the period of time when a youngster makes the journey from child to adult. More than ever today, with our mixed cultures and religions, we need to provide our youth with spiritual pinnings. The changes occurring in your daughter or son during these prepubescent years set into motion beliefs that will shape his or her life. How they are regarded and acknowledged, explored and implemented sets a life pattern for the child. Guiding our children – and ourselves – through this period of maturing encourages his/her destiny to surface and equips her/him with the tools she will need to fulfill it.

Morning Son, Daughter Moon celebrates this journey with your child. When your child stands in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome to declare “I Am”, the quality and meaning of your lives will be transformed. This extended weekend in nature will give your family the spiritual focus you have been seeking.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey begins Thursday evening as we make the walk to the river. Surrounded by the sounds of nature, families unite their efforts to create the medicine basket that will hold the treasures from the experiences of the days to come. Fire time becomes reflection time as we come together at the close of each evening. Whether singing, talking, or just listening to the crackle of flames kissing the wood, this magical time under a thousand stars bonds us in ways that endure.

Friday is devoted to Mother Nature, the Earth and all her treasures. An entire day in nature frees the mind from its preoccupation with technology, cleansing the spirit. The tastes, sounds, and sights of nature will ground you in ways that help you make peace with yourself – and with others. Exploring the natural and wild cave surpasses any amusement park ride for excitement and thrills. The day culminates with an old fashioned hayride to a special place on the College of Metaphysics campus. It is known as the Healing Pond because the properties of the silt have a medicinal quality. Here you will experience the Seven Powers of Chiron aligning the energies in mind and body.

Saturday is water day! From swimming to tubing to canoeing, the Niangua River offers cooling ease in the summer sun. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist researching the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology, says, "since water is the mirror reflecting our level of consciousness, a large percentage of the people on the planet, at least 10 percent of the people, need to have the love and the kan-sha awareness." What you learn this day will catapult you into that 10%.

Sunday morning is devoted to creating the labyrinth that each of you walk during the closing ceremonies of MORNING SON, DAUGHTER MOON. From silence to joyous sounds, your time in the Peace Dome will help seal the changes you have made individually and as a family. When you place a tile in the Peace Dome Mandala you will know what it means to "generate and nurture peace within the home."

Make plans now and reserve your space for experiences that will last all your lives


Meet the mentors of this session:

Dr. Barbara Condron
Dr. Daniel Condron
Dr. Sheila Benjamin
Dr. Laurel Clark

with Damian Nordmann, Jonathan Duerbeck and others

This weekend includes a Family Astrological Forecast configured and interpreted for you by Astrologer Damian Nordmann while you are at the College of Metaphysics. Dreamwork, tai chi, singing, and meditation will be taught each day. Parent circles will give time for mothers and fathers (separately and together) to talk with mentors and each other, sharing productive ideas.

June 21 through 24, 2007

Morning Son, Daughter Moon

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Reservations for this session are $1250.00* per family. This includes astrological counsel, genetic biorhythm instruction, nature guide tour of forest, spelunking in the Hildebrand Cave, Niangua River 2-day float, materials, and meals. Each family supplies their own tent and bedding. Appropriate clothing, water bottles, sunscreen and personal supplies are recommended. Restroom facilities will be available at campsite. One hundred percent of the proceeds for this weekend go towards the building and maintenance of the world's first Peace Dome. Mentors donate their time and expertise. (*families over 4, additional $250 per person)

Please make check or money order payable to School of Metaphysics.


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