2005 multidimensional weekend programs


Opportunities for weekend learning at the College of Metaphysics


Spiritual Focus Weekends 2007

April 13-15 Kundalini Rising

Drawing on Chakra Energies
to Balance Head and Heart

Includes a Transference of Energy report

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June 21-24 Indigo Family Odyssey Morning Son, Evening Daughter

For Indigo families.....parents and their children....
an amazing journey of Self discovery for the entire family that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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September 8-10 Dharma:
Your Soul's Purpose

What is your Mission in Life?
Includes a personal Dharma Profile

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Weekends and sessions on topics ranging from friendship to intuition to spiritual partnerships are available for groups of 8 or more upon request. To make arrangements, contact School of Metaphysics headquarters at som@som.org

Sessions available by special arrangement include

The Genius Code
Realizing Your Creative Potential
Includes the Creative Mind report

Master Living
10 Skills Essential for Personal Power
Includes a personal Healer's Portrait

Superconscious Meditation
The art and science of the Still Mind
in the Busy World
Includes the Meditation Portrait

Parenting the Indigo Child
Two tools every parent needs
Includes an Intuitive Health Analysis on your child and for you, the Parenting Profile

Partners for Life
Living and Loving your SoulMate
Includes the Intertwining of Souls report

You in Atlantis An evolutionary journey Your soul is older than written history
Includes the Atlantean Profile

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