College of Metaphysics, why people come and what they learn

COLLEGE OF METAPHYSICS, why people come and what they learn

The College of the Future. The College of Metaphysics.

by Stacy Ferguson

I have recently taken to carrying a backpack around campus with me. I understand the power of my thoughts and the importance of what I fill my mind with. The thought form I am adding too as I purposefully carry this backpack from place to place is that this is a college and I am a college student. My desire is to help all those people out there who understand traditional schooling to make the connection and realize that studying the Self and the Mind is just as important and worthy of their time and attention as is going to a traditional college to learn information so they can get a job.

I think about how wonderful the College of Metaphysics is as I carry my backpack out to the orchard to attend my class in service, connectedness, caring, and nature which, in the physical, is the act of watering trees. I think about how wonderful it is that what I pull out of my backpack is a folder with my lesson in it and a book about Indigo children. My homework is lifeforce and my five day five step reversal exercise. People understand that a college is a place to learn information, and I want to help them evolve this understanding to include a place like the College of Metaphysics where you learn about your whole mind and how to become enlightened.

Today we received an email that reaffirms to me once again that my thoughts are real.

Dear Souls at the College of Metaphysics,

Seven years ago my way of thinking about and relating to the world (and the universe) drastically changed. During this period of great change in my life I came across the SOM web site. The content on those web pages really inspired me. I wanted nothing more at that time than to go to one of your schools. But, alas, I was just beginning high school and far away from any of your school locations (I live in California). As time passed and I continued to grow and explore my spiritual self, the idea of one day attending one of your schools
drifted from my conscious mind.

Last year my life once again faced a series of drastic changes ? perhaps a wakeup call. This led me to your web page again to find all the wonderful new information that’s been posted there since I last saw it. When I read many things written there I feel something deep within me resonate loudly with it. This was the final straw in me deciding to move to Missouri and attend one of your schools.

The reason I am writing this letter to you is two-fold. Firstly, I’d just like to say that the people living on the COM campus are living my dream. I have yet to find a specific focus for my life; there is only a vague knowing that raising my consciousness, developing myself spiritually and, in turn, helping others to do the same in this world is what I’m here to do. I think studying at the SOM will perhaps help me to find a more specific way of doing this, a way that will be in line with my soul progression. What I do know is that everything that excites me (i.e. intentional communities/living, caring for Earth/Nature, growing your own organic crops, past life readings/profiles, raising of consciousness ? just to name a few) is alive and being pursued at the COM. So I just wanted to say thank you for living this great dream and working to keep it alive.

Also, since I plan to move to Missouri late next summer to attend the Springfield school and since I do plan on applying to the COM when I can, I will be journeying to Missouri sometime in the coming spring to see where the school is and look into things like where I will live. My parents will also be accompanying me, as they too are curious about where I will be living and what the school is like. At that time I would also like to visit the College campus. I’ve seen on your web site that you invite people to come visit but I was wondering if there are specific times (i.e. do I need an appointment?). How do you recommend I go about this visit? Any information you can give me would be helpful.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

I send you all my circle of Love,


We really are connected to the rest of the world wherever we are. There are so many people out there waiting for us to shine the light so they can see it. Look for them in your cities. They are there. Be the light.

Why do people want to study full time at the College of Metaphysics?

"To learn how to use every experience for learning."

"To receive the education to teach many thousands of people how to understand and wield the Universal laws and Truths. To live up to my full potential and aid others to do so also."

"To be taught on a daily basis in order to learn at an accelerated rate."

"To develop my mind so I have the freedom to live the kind of life I desire."

"To learn from teachers 24/7."

"To learn how to,,,, in the now."

....control my emotions."

....relax." with other people." with others toward a common goal."

....accept myself and others, without emotional demands."

....practice unconditional love."

...create the life I want."

....know I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

....know I am fulfilling my purpose for being here."

....clear my thinking."

....reason better."

....think for myself." myself." myself.....on more than one level of consciousness."

....lucid dream."

....exist in the inner levels of consciousness, and know it!"

....say no."

....say yes." create at will." be still at will." know my Self."

Learning through Experience....

"I have begun to cultivate faith and love for opportunity to use this school room. My concept and ability to live spiritually have come closer to living up to my highest ideals. I have a way now to build to fulfill my soul's desire.

I have developed a more expansive way to think and develop my thought patterns to embrace creation. I have gained practical experience in how to think and act in order to cause evolution of the whole Self.

I understand and use the energy in the sixth level to bring forth my thoughts and experience joy. The beauty and transformative ability of the emotions have aided me to accelerate my soul growth.

Physically, I have gained respect and appreciation for the body and life force around it. I am more responsive to my environment and the nurturing of the inner and outer bodies. This has come through interacting with other life forms such as animals and plants."

"Spiritually my experience at the College of Metaphyiscs. has awakened and stoked the flames of my desire to regain my rightful birthplace as a child of God. Mentally I learned to reject my intellectual abilities and later to accept them in a new light. Emotionally the environment was very soothing. I did discover some about drawing on that energy and how to cause the mental energy to flow consistently. Physically the work was very strengthening and the diet excellently healthy as well as educational."

"Attention, concentration, carpentry, art, musicianship, cooking, mechanics, creative writing, utilizing resources, communication, telepathy, dream interpretation, teaching, application, time management, visualization, mind control, printing, animal husbandry, agriculture. "

"My expectations have been surpassed. The personal attention and opportunities were given on a consistent basis. It was done in such a way that I could initiate form desire to build self discipline in every area of endeavor."

"Spiritually I have a deeper love for myself and my responsibility to the whole. I influence my environment and can give from the deepest God like part of myself so others may know themselves and their responsibility also.

It is an education of Self awareness that empowers the individual with understandings he will use forever."

©2003 SOM

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