Global peace: The School of Metaphysics' UNIVERSAL PEACE COVENANT

GLOBAL PEACE, the promise of humanity

The Universal Peace Covenant
Created from October to April 1997, the following is the result of spiritual collaboration. People from all walks of life, several religious beliefs and nationalities, diverse occupations, all races, as young as seventeen and as old as seventy-five, came together with the intention of creating a timeless document that would accurately reflect humanity's hope, challenge, and destiny.
The result is ...

The Universal Peace Covenant

Peace is the breath of our spirit.
It wells up from within the depths of our being to refresh, to heal, to inspire.

Peace is our birthright.
Its eternal presence exists within us as a memory of where we have come from and as a vision of where we yearn to go.

Our world is in the midst of change.
For millennia, we have contemplated, reasoned, and practiced the idea of peace. Yet the capacity to sustain peace eludes us. To transcend the limits of our own thinking we must acknowledge that peace is more than the cessation of conflict. For peace to move across the face of the earth we must realize, as the great philosophers and leaders before us, that all people desire peace. We hereby acknowledge this truth that is universal. Now humanity must desire those things that make for peace.

We affirm that peace is an idea whose time has come.
We call upon humanity to stand united, responding to the need for peace. We call upon each individual to create and foster a personal vision for peace. We call upon each family to generate and nurture peace within the home. We call upon each nation to encourage and support peace among its citizens. We call upon each leader, be they in the private home, house of worship or place of labor, to be a living example of peace for only in this way can we expect peace to move across the face of the earth.

World Peace begins within ourselves.
Arising from the spirit peace seeks expression through the mind, heart, and body of each individual. Government and laws cannot heal the heart. We must transcend whatever separates us. Through giving love and respect, dignity and comfort, we come to know peace. We learn to love our neighbors as we love ourselves bringing peace into the world. We hereby commit ourselves to this noble endeavor.

Peace is first a state of mind.
Peace affords the greatest opportunity for growth and learning which leads to personal happiness. Self-direction promotes inner peace and therefore leads to outer peace. We vow to heal ourselves through forgiveness, gratitude, and prayer. We commit to causing each and every day to be a fulfillment of our potential, both human and divine.

Peace is active, the motion of silence, of faith, of accord, of service.
It is not made in documents but in the minds and hearts of men and women. Peace is built through communication. The open exchange of ideas is necessary for discovery, for well-being, for growth, for progress whether within one person or among many. We vow to speak with sagacity, listen with equanimity, both free of prejudice, thus we will come to know that peace is liberty in tranquillity.

Peace is achieved by those who fulfill their part of a greater plan.
Peace and security are attained by those societies where the individuals work closely to serve the common good of the whole. Peaceful coexistence between nations is the reflection of man's inner tranquillity magnified. Enlightened service to our fellowman brings peace to the one serving, and to the one receiving. We vow to live in peace by embracing truths that apply to us all.

Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully.
We stand on the threshold of peace-filled understanding. We come together, all of humanity, young and old of all cultures from all nations. We vow to stand together as citizens of the Earth knowing that every question has an answer, every issue a resolution. As we stand, united in common purpose, we hereby commit ourselves in thought and action so we might know the power of peace in our lifetimes.

Peace be with us all ways. May Peace Prevail On Earth.

signed this 8th day of October, 1997, at the College of Metaphysics

    Dr. Barbara Condron  Dr. Daniel Condron 
    Dr. Laurel Clark  Dr. Pam Blosser 
    Dr. Sheila Benjamin  Dr. Al Rohrer  Paul Blosser  Melanie McManus  Linda Yeingst  Ernie Padilla  Teresa Padilla  Terry Martin  Christine Andrews  Sharka Glet  Jay McCormick  Greg Hoeflicker 
    Lisa Kinser  John Clark  Patrick Andries 
    Damian Nordmann  Mari Hamersley  Terryll Nemeth  Paul Madar  Oliver Seger  Lyle Branson 
    John Harrison  Karen Low  Traci Byington 
    Shannon Cordes

    Created in 1997 by faculty & students of the School of Metaphysics

If you are in accord with these ideas,

read the Universal Peace Covenant often. Contemplate its message. Envision the dream it describes. Share it with others. Encourage friends and loved ones to unite with you and others around the world, for only through unity will Peace Prevail on Earth.

You can make a difference by registering your support of these ideas by adding your name to the Million People for Peace . Our first goal is over one million people from every corner of the Earth. Many countries have yet to be represented. You could make that difference.

When we have over one million names we will send the Universal Peace Covenant along with the names of everyone who has made a pledge for peace to every governmental leader in the world asking them to personally add their names and encourage their citizens to do likewise.

When this will happen depends upon each one of us. Please respond today, then share the vision with others. Thank you.

copyright 2002, School of Metaphysics, updated 7/04

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