Project Octagon

GLOBAL UNITY, common ground

A Dream in the Making... 

Plans are underway to build a multi-purpose center that will enable us to increase staff at the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters and enrollment in the College of Metaphysics work/study program.

Project Octagon

This proposed four-story, octagonal design includes an auditorium, classroom/meeting rooms, library and study areas, a cafeteria, and potential living quarters for up to 100 people. This is in alignment with our goal of having 100 people in residence as the necessary step to beginning construction on the great pyramid which will be the heart and focal point of our campus.

When do we start? Right now....with the dream! The unfoldment of the dream is happening before your eyes. Can you envision it? Nestled in the beautiful countryside, residing on one of the many pinnacles of the land's natural terrain, a white octagon with copper roofing glistens in the sun. As you draw closer, your senses are filled with the brilliant hues of nature. Flowers and greenery line the stone walkways leading to the entrance. Their aroma drifts through the fresh air, and the sounds of birds and wildlife mingle with the cascade of waterfalls. Your spirit is uplifted as you enter the wooden hand- carved doors.

Entering the vestibule of the first floor, you know you have entered into a sacred, holy place. The greeting area reflects all facets of the School of Metaphysics for it will welcome people from all over the world. The Octagon will allow us to many opportunities to serve. It will be the site of seminars for members of SOMA and the public at large, in addition to adding needed office space and living quarters.

Areas on each side of the greeting area will give space for intimate discussion or private meditations. As you move further into the building, you will find a spacious room, 40 feet by 170 feet which can be partitioned into three different areas. When divided, this space will afford places for lectures, workshops, reading consultations, and classes. With kitchen facilities off the center, the room can easily serve a hundred or be transformed into a huge dining hall which will serve several hundred at a time. Toward the back of this floor several large, uniquely shaped rooms will serve as offices or meeting rooms for smaller groups. Restrooms and needed storage space complete the first floor.

The interior design will be harmonious to the natural setting. Wood and stone will be used generously, and the many windows will allow outdoor lighting into the building. Mosaic tile flooring of intricate design and plush carpets will fill the rooms. Tapestries and wall hangings will delight the eye. Indoor plants will seemingly grow from the walls and ceilings. This will a be place people will want to visit again and again. It will be a place where many will want to live and learn. It will be a place we can all be proud to call the World Headquarters of the School of Metaphysics.

The proposed second floor can comfortably house 52 people in individual rooms or dormitory-style rooms. Whether serving students attending the College of Metaphysics or guests who are attending seminars for a weekend, the second floor offers ample room for projects envisioned in the near future. The rooms can be utilized initially a variety of ways including a computer center and production studio, then converted into living space as the need arises.

From the time we move in, the library and study will house thousands of volumes, consistently increasing its resource as a collection of rare titles. It will include a collection of transcripts from the thousands of readings given through SOM becoming the world's largest library of information gained from a controlled use of the inner levels of consciousness.

Located opposite the library will be the student lounge. This room will offer a place for informal gathering and entertainment. An outdoor terrace stretching 15 by 40 feet across the back of the building will become another popular area, giving a panoramic view of the countryside.

In the center of the second floor will be what designer Kipp Jones calls the Great Room. A common meeting place enclosed on the corners by glass panels, this 28 by 50 foot area will see many uses in the years to come. From conversation to study, great minds will come here to contemplate and create. The spiral staircases seen on the first floor will continue from this floor into the third story.

When do we begin? We already have! "In the beginning was the word" and as metaphysicians we know imagining is the first step in any creation. As Project Octagon is envisioned and developed in the minds of more and more people, the subconscious mind will reach out to all minds, finding those who are ready, able and willing to manifest this dream. Envision! Share your vision with everyone and be amazed by the workings of Universal Law.

Now we enter the sacred chamber that is the third floor. The spiral staircases which began on the first floor will ultimately lead to this magnificent room. The interior will be completely finished in white and ivory. Stretching 95 feet by 83 feet, the room will at once consume and liberate the spirit. Here, you will be in the presence of the Creator.

Windows on all eight sides will illuminate the room reflecting off the walls, ceiling and floor. Intricate stained glass in the uppermost panels of each window will give a prism effect filling the room with the colors of the rainbow. The ceiling will rise from third floor level to a single point some twenty feet in the exact center of the room.

Here, many can join in joyous celebration of a new day. Here, hundreds can gather for musical presentations or to receive the Truth perceived by the world's spiritual teachers. Here, one can meditate and commune with the Creator in solitude. The very quality of the room, its emanating vibration, will beckon you to reach out and touch the face of God and the soul of all humanity.

When do we begin? Now!

Contact us if you can help in these areas:

Alternative energy sources (Solar energy, wind harnessing, perpetual energy etc.)
Architectural designs
Geodesic domes
Grants and funding

Project Octagon will be built with the aid of many people. The funds to pay for the land on which this building will be built were raised by people like you during the '70's. Those people dreamed of a whole, functioning institute of higher, spiritual learning that will serve the world. They saved pennies, they shared the dream, their centers donated thousands of dollars toward the purchasing of this land. And in the '80's the land was purchased and completely paid.

Now is the time to manifest the next step of the dream. We need your help. Maybe it's time and energy and talent, not just money. If you want to help us accomplish this dream, if you are the kind of person who envisions great dreams much bigger than yourself, come join us! We have the space, now we need to cooperate with Mother Nature to fill it with something worthy of Her.

To glimpse the current building on the campus of the College of Metaphysics click here. Want to offer financial help to complete our Peace Dome? You can donate on line.

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