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Membership in School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) is available to individuals who believe in and support our work.  Contact us at 417-345-8411 or to find out how to become a SOMA member. 

Contributions ensure

  • the publication of new works and reprintings of our best that exalt the spirit of Man and accelerate mankind's evolution.
  • production of audio and video taped lectures/courses that teach the unfolding of consciousness for home study.
  • creation of a computerized cross-referencing system of over 100,000 Intuitive consultations given by the School of Metaphysics over the past quarter century.
  • cooperation with local, national, and international seminars and conferences for the purpose of sharing insightful research encouraging Enlightenment and preparation for the new millennium.
  • National Dream Hotline®, an educational service sponsored by the School of Metaphysics, sharing dream research with people from all over the world the final weekend in April each year.

School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) are alumni and friends who believe in the new education the School of Metaphysics is bringing into the world. Through loving support, members ensure the continuation of the availability of programs like these to more and more people at home and abroad. Join us as we work to prepare for an
awe-inspiring future.

Your yearly contribution is $120, that’s a love tithe of only $10 per month making your SOMA membership an affordable asset for anyone. Your tithe may help us purchase a van or a much needed printing machine. It may help build an addition onto a building or air condition another. When everyone helps, the dream lives.

We honor our supporters, by offering SOMA members SOM services and goods at a fraction of the retail cost. Frequently, attending one of these weekends pays for your year’s membership.

Please rsvp now.

Members . . .

  • receive Thresholds Annual, a yearly retrospective of research, innovation, and developments specifically for SOMA members.
  • receive special invitations for Multidimensional Living weekends held at our Moon Valley Ranch including Atlantean Awakening, Spiritual Focus Sessions, and the Full Spectrum course.
  • are invited to attend the Annual SOMA Family Weekend held each summer on the College of Metaphysics campus in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.
  • children, ages ten to sixteen, of SOMA members are eligible to attend Camp Niangua held each summer on the College campus. Camp gives young people a well-rounded physical and metaphysical education, aiding them in the transition through adolescence into adulthood.
  • join those of like minds in creating a Circle of Love in your own community.
Joining together

the great minds

of our world

so that all people

can know

living peaceably

begins by

thinking peacefully.

More than an acronym for School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) has its own life and meaning as evidenced in the Vedas of India. Soma is a Hindu god referenced in the Rig Vedas and praised in the Sama Veda. Soma is the all powerful god, the healer of diseases, the bestower of riches, the lord of all other gods, sometimes being identified with the Supreme Being. As a SOMA member, you will want to keep these concepts and ideals in mind as they will enrich your life as you strive to know your god, to cause wholeness and health in your life and the lives of others, to aid others to abundance, and to manifest your own divinity. Soma rules the lunar sphere of the cosmos lying between the earth and the sun."

The precepts of the School of Metaphysics Associates (SOMA) serve as guideposts for living. The idea that each individual was brought into being to reflect superconsciousness, to mature in spirit to become compatible to his Maker is timeless. Understanding and living in harmony with the Laws that govern our universe brings forth humanity's innate potential and encourages us to realize our potential as whole and functioning selves.

Over the years many individuals have shared these beliefs and expressed a desire to support the work of the school. There was a need for a vehicle for those people who wanted to link up with and aid the research and studies of SOM. After the Parliament of World’s Religions in Chicago in 1993, SOMA membership tripled and we began serving people in over 27 countries. The internet aids us to keep in touch with our members and to provide information about SOMA to new people 24 hours a day.

We welcome you to share our ideals, our dreams, our lives.

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