Schedule of Events
11:00am campus gates open, parking is provided on campus
Pre-Registration is required.
Campus gates will open at 11:00am giving attendees time to make new friends and tour the College of Metaphysics grounds. 

Participants can place a tile in the Peace Mandala in the first floor chamber of the Peace Dome.  Each tile is placed with an imaged thought of peace.  It is estimated that 10,000 more tiles will be placed before the mandala is completed.

In the East flower garden of the Peace Dome, people can
pray at the
Healing Wall


Other mindful activities scheduled during the day include attending a sacred fire with a ring of silence, walking a peace labyrinth, meditating at the gazebo by the pond and enjoying the organic gardens and fruit orchard.  Information booths will be manned by various organizations in the outdoor courtyard. 

Gates will close at 7pm.


September 5, 2009
Saturday from noon - 6pm (CST)

Opening Plenary Session

Participants gather at
the Peace Dome

Musical Prelude Dave Storer didjeridu player

Indigenous Blessing Grandmother SilverStar, Cherokee


Poetry Walter Bargen, Missouri State Poet Laureate

Welcome Dr. Daniel Condron, director College of Metaphysics
Dr. Laurel Clark, President School of Metaphysics

Keynote Address by Will Bowen
"Your Thoughts Create Your Reality"

"One Voice" School of Metaphysics ensemble

Two Sets of Concurrent Sessions
1:45pm - 2:45pm


3:00pm - 4:00pm

PeaceJam | World Dreams Peace Bridge | OUR1Planet | Quantum Composting | Trees For Life | Living Insights Center

Opportunities for participants to delve into the questions:

What does it mean to think peacefully?
How do we live peacably?

(see Speakers/Presenters for details)

Closing Plenary Session



Presentation of Antarctic Stone for the Healing Wall
Prayer for Enlightenment around the world

The Invitation, COM thespians (reserved seating, only 200 tickets)

campus gates close
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