The Proposed World Headquarters Dome

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Now, looking at 2012 and beyond the next dome on campus will welcome the world.
came the Peace Dome.

Join us as we build a great world house to welcome all people
who desire to accelerate the evolution of intuitive, Spiritual Man!


Sacred, inspiring, well-designed monolithic dome.

Energy efficient and progressive natural technology.

Gathering place for conferences, spiritual focus sessions, symposia, and international education.

With ample space for generations of faculty, staff, students and guests.

Reflecting the School of Metaphysics' Ideal, Purpose and Activity.


We are methodically
preparing the land,
drawing plans,
raising funds
and inviting all
to open their hearts
to the expansive ideal of this vision. 

The dream of creating
a thriving campus
for Intuitive, Spiritual education
is leaping forward with
this building project.

Together, on the first weekend of October, we consecrated the ground site for the New World Headquarters building for the School of Metaphysics.  This 132-foot diameter monolithic dome will stand three stories tall and house ample practical, sacred space for faculty, staff, students and especially guests from around the world.  It is a beautiful site for a beautiful step.

The Consecration Ceremony held Sunday October 3, 2010 included ICOM ministers asking the blessings from the six directions, a group of 4 martial artists energizing the land through kata forms, and all present initiating the foundation, symbolic of giving their will to the creation. Each individual then read his or her individual devotion to the group.  We then sealed all of the written and verbal devotions under a great cornerstone near the future entrance to the building.  Project Director Paul Madar read quotes from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in honor of great stewards of unification in our country.

Click here to find out ways you can participate.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony on June 5, 2011


One hundred representatives from fifteen School of Metaphysics branches came together October 1, 2010 in the Peace Dome to dream a new dream. Through a tiered-process of collaboration, the same used to create the Universal Peace Covenant 14 years ago, leaders determined the plans for a unified receptacle for contributions so vital to the projects success. Every branch of our School of Metaphysics’ tree is installing a receiving vessel to gather donations toward a magnificent step in our school’s evolution. Early estimates are around $90 per square foot. We need your help. You can contribute today!

Thank you for supporting this effort where we expect to host you in years to come!

We are receiving rings - a universal symbol of the value in commitment - from individuals who have aligned with the vision.  If you will commit toward the vision, you can send your token of support to the School of Metaphysics, World Headquarters Building Fund, Windyville, Mo 65783.

This structure will be designed with sacred geometry, progressive “green” natural technology, and built near the center of our main campus.  It will be used for conferences, seminars, and international outreach - creating an energetic and tangible gathering place for people to practice and learn Metaphysics.  We will inflate the “shell” of the dome the first week of June, 2012.

The official website will be updated continuously, and weekly, throughout this building project.  We will have photos, drawings, video clips, and progress indicators toward the goal of 1 million dollars.

We will give acknowledgement to those who have given in various ways, and we will list supplies and services still needed.  We ask for you to open your hearts and minds. It is time!

Paul Madar, Project Coordinator

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