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Ways to help build a
Great World House

In-Kind Gifts and Services
Gifts of materials or services will become crucial as we continue the project into its completion. Your talents and skills may be worth far more than any monetary gift you could give. You can pledge or contribute any of these simply by contacting the headquarters. Here is a sample list of items and services to give you an idea of what we need for this new headquarters:

construction expertise, skills, talents (drafting, model building, surveying, electrical, plumbing, earth moving, concrete, well drilling, road building, bridge building, heating-ventilation-air conditioning HVAC, carpentry, finishing, painting, carpet laying, tile laying)

building materials (concrete, beams, windows, doors, wire, plumbing, drywall, lumber, nails, screws, tile, grout, air conditioners, heaters, water heaters, solar equipment)

tools, machinery (backhoe, ditch digger, chain saws, hammers, saws, drills)

furnishings and fixtures (lighting, couches, tables, chairs, desks, file cabinets, toilets, sinks, benches, library shelving, computers, kitchen tools, rugs, railings, door knobs, dishware, beds, dressers, storage equipment, clocks, artwork)

appliances (freezers, refrigerators, televisions, washers, dryers, stoves)

landscaping materials (indoor plants, fountains, mulch, bushes, trees, gravel, stepping stones, outdoor lighting, hoses, shovels, border materials)


Tithing 10 percent of your income is an excellent, almost magical practice for building experience with the Law of Abundance and the Law of Prosperity and the principle of Ten Fold Return. The only way you can actually give a percentage of your income away is to firmly realize that you have plenty to meet your own needs – Abundance. And as you invest in something that will sustain the flow of abundance, you are harmonizing with the Law of Prosperity. Tithing is part of an ancient practice based in the sound idea that you should live on only 70 percent of your income. A ancient and healthy, practical approach to managing finances includes:

A Tenth of your income is yours to keep, as savings.
A Tenth is to be given to help those in need.
A Tenth of all you earn is because of your spiritual income, and should therefore be given to the source of your spiritual sustenance -- symbolically your school, temple or church.
The remaining 70 percent is used for daily expenses.

Your tithe, or tenth given to your spiritual source, multiplies because of your acknowledgement and gratitude for your spiritual growth. Your gesture of spiritual gratitude feeds your abundance by a power of 10, according to the principle of Ten Fold Return.

Matching Gifts
Incorporating matching gifts is also and excellent way to multiply your contribution. Many larger corporations will match an employee’s contributions to qualified not-for-profits (and SOM is!). One student gave $10,000 recently, and it was matched by the student’s employer. Just talk to your Human Resources manager about your company’s matching program. It is a very simple and profound way to involve your company as well.

Securities and Policies
We also will receive gifts of appreciated securities, paid life insurance policies you no longer need. Contact the School’s headquarters for these special arrangements. It’s easier than you may think.

Other than gifts of rings, quarters or cash, you can make a personal pledge of your funds, your skills or your time. A pledge is simply a promised gift given over time. You might be able to pledge $10,000, which you give toward the project over three or four years. You might be able to pledge drafting services, building materials or special equipment. You might be able to pledge furnishings or appliances once the building is nearing completion in 2013.

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