Rings for
a world headquarters building

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A Ring

...an emblem of fidelity

...a denotation of eternity

...the consecration of a circle

In September of 2010, we began receiving ring gifts toward the funding efforts for the world headquarters dome. A ring is a universal symbol of wholeness, of unity, and of commitment. Since this project will require all three of these, the ring is the perfect symbolic gift that anyone can make toward its manifestation.

To date we have received over a dozen beautiful, valuable rings from individuals who recognized how important this new headquarters space is for the expansion of the School. Our intention is to photograph the rings, record the stories behind each ring, and then sell the rings at auction with proceeds going toward the construction funding. This school, and in particular this building, is for everyone, by everyone, from everyone. We want to receive hundreds of rings from all over the world to make this truly a Great World House, built by the individual commitments of people with the vision of establishing a place for generations of metaphysicians to gather, learn and teach.

How does an idea grow?

Welcome to Alexandra's world!

Alexandra is Paul Madar's eldest daughter. She lives on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in Missouri in the USA where the SOM World Headquarters will be built. Here is her story....

"I drew the world and people all around the world who are holding gold rings. The rings mean commitment to making the world a better place.

The cross (at the top left) is on the world with evil hands grasping it. That is a thought that exists and the people are creating one thought that blocks the evil hands. The cross means that there will be no evil hands on the earth.

The result is that all people live in peace.

I'd been to the Power of Personal Connection twice before, so I know all the stories that Dr. Laurel (Clark) tells. So I drew pictures this time. I drew one of kung fu class, gymnastics class, and I even drew one of the queen, I don't know which one, I was just thinking about that. I drew this picture because my dad really liked the pictures I drew.

I'm learning a little bit about dream interpretation at a time, with rumors. Every once in a while I overhear, in classes or at dinner, people talking about what dreams mean. I heard that rings mean commitment, and since my dad is collecting rings, I drew the picture to help my dad.

So when you meet me, realize that my habit of 'meowing' has continued to grow. I like animals, especially cats!"

–Alexandra Grace Madar, age 6



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Please share the vision

Tell everyone you know, everyone you meet, about this dream -- your parents, your brother, your work friends.  Everyone has a commitment ring they can donate toward the funding.  Everyone has some spare quarters (quarters for headquarters!). We all know someone with related experience or connections or funds who would want to donate toward something big, something rare on the planet. Ask them and find out! We are making a world house, right?

You and I are the custodians of this rare, important, precious School of Metaphysics for now. And we are the custodians only for a few years. What then will we leave for the next seven generations?

Project Director Paul Madar (at right) gives a power point presentation for all SOM students October 1, 2010 in the Peace Dome on the campus of the College of Metaphysics.

The dream is for future presentations
of this nature to be given in a world headquarters building with construction beginning
spring 2012.

Branch Efforts

There are currently fifteen branches of the School of Metaphysics that teach the curriculum of the Whole, Functioning Self and serve their communities in a hundred ways. Each branch is a receiving place for contributions toward this headquarters building. The branches all feed the whole tree, so to speak. Each individual leaf is important to the whole tree. Each seemingly small part sustains the whole, when connectedness is realized. Every contribution is important.

One of our faculty ‘coined’ the phrase Quarters for Headquarters when we were dreaming up new ideas for fundraising. She set up a quart canning jar and it quickly filled with quarters. As a note, a one-quart jar holds $180 in quarters! This is an easy way for anyone to contribute. Gather quarters in a quart jar and see just how fast we can build this Dome!

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