Why a Great World House and why the SOM can build it

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The Invocation

Answering the Four Questions
that make all the Difference

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a wordsmith. His powerful rhetoric came from his command of the picture language. A supernatural ability for telepathic communication was his, and what William Shakespeare did with a pen, Martin did with his words.

Martin allowed himself to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is why, in my experience, his words transcend physical limitations of time and space. His thoughts lift our eyes to a greater mindset, to heavenly matters, if you will. His thoughts challenge our hearts to stretch and expand so we might make space to love more deeply and completely. His thoughts became a channel for awakening the conscience of humanity to a kinder, more just way to think.

This is why the first spirit I invoke is Martin.

In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech (1964), King said:

"Some years ago a famous novelist died. Among his papers was found a list of suggested story plots for future stories, the most prominently underscored being this one: 'A widely separated family inherits a house in which they have to live together.'

This is the great new problem of mankind. We have inherited a big house, a great 'world house' in which we have to live together - black and white, Easterners and Westerners, Gentiles and Jews, Catholics and Protestants, Moslem and Hindu, a family unduly separated in ideas, culture, and interests, who, because we can never again live without each other, must learn, somehow, in this one big world, to live with each other."

It is easy for my mind to travel to Melbourne, Australia, for memories of the world Martin paints, live in the hearts and minds of those of us who traveled there for the Parliament of the World's Religions in December, 2009. Parliament is King's dream come true. People of great Minds and hearts come together there, to talk, to listen, to sing, to dance, to share what is meaningful to us as divine and human beings. It is a taste of what the world can be, and it happens once every five years, somewhere on our planet.

The Great World House we are building will enable these kinds of gatherings to occur more frequently, and with education as the core seed thought. The Great World House opens our campus on a new level, just as the Peace Dome did in 2003. When the Great World House opens its doors in 2013, just ten years after the Peace Dome was dedicated as a universal site for peace, we will be able to receive ten times as many people as we can now. This will bring new opportunities for growth and learning that will return tenfold to cities and countries all over the world.

It's a bit odd to think a building can make such a difference. It can. When I think of great structures that have been built through time I think of the wonders of the world. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only remaining of the ancient wonders which includes a temple, hanging gardens, two statues, a mausoleum, and a lighthouse. No great world houses there.

A Medieval Ages list includes Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China, again no great houses in that list. Modern lists include feats of engineering - canals, dams, railroads, even the internet, or natural wonders including the polar ice caps, the Grand Canyon, and the Great Barrier Reef.

It is time for a Great World House. The closest to it is probably the United Nations Building in New York City. Considering its political inclinations, it is perhaps a step towards King's idea rather than the incarnation for it. It is time for a place to be created where all people can live together, a microcosm of what the entire world can be. This is the dream of the College of Metaphysics, a dream that pioneering spirits are already living, some every day, some during week visits or weekend spiritual focus sessions. The Great World House will allow us to expand, to open our doors to increasing numbers of people.

As students of Universal Law, we are daily about the pursuit of understanding how creation occurs. There is a real need before us. Through concentrating and uniting our thought into a common goal, we can fulfill that need.

Can we build a Great World House? Yes, we can.

The next question is May we? May we build a Great World House?

To answer this question takes us to the Healing Wall. The Healing Wall has been in our minds since 2003, in the days following the inflation of the Peace Dome and the discovery of its destiny. The idea to unite the world in one place began with the collection of native stones from around the world.

Since the call went forth, over 300 rocks have been received. The intention was to capture the energies of the Venus transit upon its return during the first week in June 2012 by embedding the rocks in the exterior retaining wall on the east side of the Peace Dome. This has been put forth for over two years. The Healing Wall has taught us how to receive the world.

With the introduction of the Great World House, an intermediate step is now taking form. This structure will allow us to better host the representatives from the world who will come for the Healing Wall ceremonies. It will also connect us with people worldwide who will want to participate in the making of the Healing Wall through support and contributions. There are many reasons for the Healing Wall to give way to the Great World House, and so permission is given.

Will the Great World House capture the energies of the Venus transit? Certainly, inflating the monolithic dome is an auspicious event that can symbolize the expanding and opening of our hearts to the world.

May we build a Great World House? Yes, we may.

Should we build this house?

This answer was so clear on that October morning. The International Association for the Study of Dreams annual Psiber Dreaming Conference had been active for a week and would extend for another. Our President Dr. Laurel Clark is one of 20 presenters at this conference. She has been spending days communicating with people from over two dozen countries. She is here with us and she is a presence globally in cyberspace.

The topic of her presentation says it all:

"That Recurring Dream House ... and the Door to Lucidity"

I smile every time my mind rests on the providence of these occurrences. Laurel enlightening the world about the meaning of houses in a dream. The entire SOM student body contemplating the undertaking of building a house that will welcome all of humanity. Our relationship with the IASD grows stronger each day, and our recent delegations to other countries strengthens our commitment to world serving. The internet encourages interaction around the world. The call to build is strong. It is for the goodness of all concerned.

Our studies within Mind tell us that a house, be it teepee, igloo, or thatched hut, symbolizes the dreamer's mind. The true reality of building a Great World House means we are investing in the Mind of all humankind, an entire species as well as the planet it inhabits. Yes, the Great World House will be a place for people to meet, live, and get to know one another. It will first and foremost be the consciousness that allows this to happen.

In this world headquarters building, we can host conferences on topics like experiencing the still mind and conscious parenting. We will welcome members of the Society for Intuitive Research and Peace Ambassadors from around the world. Here will be neutral ground, free of the polarities that still rule the physical world. Here people will come together, in ever increasing numbers, to learn, to live, to love, to share, to be, and who they become will return to their homelands to encourage wiser ways to live.

Should we build a Great World House? Yes, we should.

That leaves the final question. Will we?

"Will we" arises when can, may, and should are answered in the affirmative. Affirmative answers bring forth the spark that ignites the creative power in the Thinker. Will we build a Great World House?

Yes, we will.

This Great World House will be built by the world's commitment to the evolution of consciousness. It will be both a manifestation and a symbol of what can be, what is, and what will come.

What Martin Luther King envisioned only a few decades ago happens on this campus every day. People of different faiths, backgrounds, interests, skills, educational levels, and cultures come together in ever-changing combinations, inspired and inspiring the "overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in our individual societies."

The ideal and purpose of the School of Metaphysics - to aid any individual, willing to put forth the effort, to be a Whole, Functioning Self in order to accelerate evolution and usher in intuitive, Spiritual Man - comes alive in the dream of a common meeting place.

And so we began a journey, together, on this 3rd day of October, 2010 that will culminate by the 40th anniversary of the School of Metaphysics in October, 2013. We look forward to a growing number of spiritual brothers and sisters who will join us as we pave the way for the next seven generations to enjoy life on this third planet from our Sun. May our undertaking be blessed and our hearts filled with the Holy Spirit each day we greet a new dawn.•

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