Why a Great World House and why the SOM can build it

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Great World House

by SOM Governor of International Education, Dr. Barbara Condron

Who creates such
a place and why?

Students studying Mind at Schools of Metaphysics throughout the U.S. met the first weekend of October 2010, just days before the 37th anniversary of the school's incorporation, to envision the future of education for homo spiritus, the Spiritual Man.

They united their minds in the cause of receiving inner truth and guidance.

"I am proud to be standing here with these people," Pat declares as she introduces her students to those assembled around the Peace Pole. "We have come a long way." The elation arising from within her shines in Pat's eyes, and Spirit causes her face to glow in a way only those who give their life in the service of another experience.

This honoring of those who have taught and those who have learned is a fitting predecessor to the work the entire group will soon undertake. One hundred representatives, from 10 states and 15 cities, have gathered to dream, live, and create together for one weekend. It is a ritual, this repeated coming together through time and space, a reconfiguration of souls, old and new, whose changing individual members rest in the hands of a consistently growing group of people dedicated to the mastery of consciousness.

Collectively, this group is known as the student body of the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) educational institute, whose mission is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by teaching teachers who aid any individual to become a whole, functioning Self. Collectively, we teach a four-tired course of applied study in metaphysics. Collectively, we publish books, produce music, and direct documentaries. Collectively, we give lectures, seminars, and teachings somewhere on the planet every day. Collectively, we engage the world through websites on wholistic education, peace, dreams, and healing.

Collectively, we are those who brought the Peace Dome into the world. Now we are undertaking a duty four times that size. We are building a new dome, one that will receive the people from all quarters of the world.

Today is part of a greater plan, a connected line of gatherings, always guided by our collective ideal.

Today will also be a rite of passage for everyone present. Why this is so, is quite a story.


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