The right place at the right time with the right person. It does happen. When you are awake to the process, being in synchronization with the spiritual law becomes a way of life.

Intuition is the direct grasp of Truth.

Here are the abilities and perceptions no one taught you – you've just always known. Where does it come from and how can you better understand your super-nature? The Intuition Analysis offered through the School of Metaphysics during the POWERS of TEN weekend, gives you the insight you need to focus your mind power when you want it the most.

What you learn during the POWERS of TEN spiritual focus session

When you train your mind, you change your brain. When you understand your experiences, you transcend the limits of your own thinking. Transcending the polarities in life – good/evil, love/fear, pride/shame, truth/falsehood – frees intuition to function as a vital contributor in life. This is accomplished through principles taught for 2500 years as jnana yoga.

Jnana yoga focuses on the control of thought through union with higher states of consciousness. Its practice (unlike hatha yogas which focus on the physical body, brain, and senses) unites Mind, Spirit, and Body. This evening's exercise explores the individual's capacity for ambiguity, challenging creative potential while increasing the level of tolerance essential for true human progress. This 13 Step Taraka Yoga form was designed by Barbara Condron and has applications across cultural, generational, and ethnic lines.

SOM Continuing Education Program

NASW Approved for 11.5 contact hours


There has been much change in this regard that has come upon this one and this one has been willing to embrace. We see that the major change that would be of benefit now would be that of purposefully and consciously creating a new identity for the self. This kind of alteration of this one’s sense of ego would be most helpful in this one being able to make the changes permanent within the self. We see that there is a great need for this one to begin to fashion the sense of who he is and therefore what he thinks, how he expresses, and what he does in a completely new light that is relevant to what this one has learned and to the present time. There is a very strong need within this one to let go of old patterns of thinking that define the ego as being mostly physical and therefore did not allow the space or the breadth of this one’s consciousness to express itself. We see that there has been the capacity for this one to identify the self in ways which are beyond the physical. There have been experiences in that regard and therefore the ego needs to become more enlightened and more refined to solidify and to embrace the changes that have occurred within the thinking. As this one will begin to form a very clear identity of the self as being both inner and outer, subconscious and conscious, being of the soul and body, beginning to entertain ideas of being spirit, there would be a transformation in the self and therefore in the way that this one identifies who he is. This would then free the self to open up a whole new avenue of motivation and desires to grow and become and to learn. This is all.

This entity asks "Any suggestions for how to align the ego in the way that it needs to be in order to be most productive and to quicken the spirituality"?

This would first come in establishing an ideal; the ideal individual that this one would want to become. Then there would be the process of being attentive to the self toward the cultivation of this ideal using the reasoning to fashion ways that this one can manifest it, can become it can live it. In this being attentive to both the thoughts and words of the self when they are of the old rather than the new and causing there to be a stilling of the mind at those times and then the employment of the thoughts that are moving this one in the direction of the ideal that is desired. This will be systematic. This will be repetitive. This will be an investment that this one will make moment to moment. The more that this one is willing to put into this the more accelerated the change will be. This is all.

This entity says "Sometimes I am doing what is been suggested here. Am I on the right track?"

Yes. This is part of the change that has been noted that has occurred. It is the transformation of how this one identifies the self that is needed and this is not being done. It is only being done from a point of reaction rather than a point of self-initiation and this is the change that needs to occur.

You will offer suggestions for how to apply the intuitive faculties in the life for soul growth and spiritual development.

This one has a great command of empathy. This one has the ability to align the consciousness with another and to absorb their consciousness. There is not always the knowing of what to do when this occurs, but this skill is one that is essential in being able to understand connectedness and to understand a magnified view of the self in relationship to the universe. This needs to be recognized by this one and appreciated and respected for what it is. When this one harmonizes in this way with another it would be of benefit for this one to then employ the revitalized image of the self, the new concept of the ego, for this will help this one become much more alert and aware. This will aid this one in receiving this, not in a personal way, but in a more universal sense and it is this consciousness that will aid this one to develop the faculties of empathy. It will also free this one to learn through observation to a greater extent and therefore considerably feed this one’s experience and capacity for all knowledge. This is all.

This one says "What is the best way to use my intuition to become a great spiritual teacher?"


This would be in the investigation of trust. This one has a very strong capacity to trust and we see that this is the means by which this one often experiences intuition. It is in the inklings within the Self that occur that give this one a type of surety. It is in this one’s ability to trust others and their brilliance, and we see that it weaves itself through this one’s experiences in this way where it is a function of trust rather than the function of recognizing the intuitive capacities as being powerful and at her disposal. We see that, therefore, it would be helpful for this one to examine the capacity of trust itself for we see that it is this one’s capacity to wield the physical mind, the conscious mind in such a way as to cause there to be integrity in the Self that does free this one to have this inner sense of trust which is so active within her. We see that there are ways that this one gets distracted from this but these are outer and they are temporary. They are not a part of the real Self, nor are they a part of how this one wants to live or is most open in living. We see that there is a very strong urge within this one to understand the cooperation between the inner and outer Self, to understand the nature of oneness, and this is the motivation for the trust that is being spoken of. It is a sense within her that is nebulous and, therefore, it would be helpful for this one to be able to separate the physical reasoning of facts, the physical process of using the will to determine a direction, such as goal setting and accomplishing, to move the Self from this level of thinking to a more expansive view of the continuity of her existence, of the search for quality or virtue that is permanent beyond the physicality of choice and life situation. By becoming more purposeful in this way, more expanded in the viewpoint, and attaching meaning or purpose to the choices that are made, this one would become much more cognizant of the intuitive faculty and how it moves in the life. It would also open this one’s awareness to why this sense of trust is so pronounced within her and is so often accurate. This is not merely something that this one has always had and it is magical. This is something that this one has systematically brought into the fabric of her consciousness over many periods of time, and, therefore, it deserves to be honored rather than taken for granted. This is all.

You will offer suggestions on how to apply the intuitive faculties in the life for soul growth and spiritual development.

It would aid for this one to consciously pursue gratitude as a form of consciousness daily, to become grateful even for that which this one initially wants to reject or eject from her life, to begin to embrace every experience which is before her and to do so in a way which allows it to be what it is so that there can be the perception of what is harmonious and what is good within the Self, within others, and within the circumstance. This active movement on a daily basis would cause this one to have a different viewpoint of not only her physical experiences but more importantly, the workings of her own mind. For it is in the surrender and acceptance that gratitude is born and, therefore, it is much easier to be so with that which this one has wanted and much more of a challenge with that of which this one has not been cognizant of needing. This is all.

Very well. Relax. 7142001BGC5

To refine the capacity that already exists within this one that has already been described. 7800BGC2

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