Dharma is duty to ourselves and the Universe. This School of Metaphysics Intuitive Report offers information about what the individual has built throughout his or her evolution. The recipient will come away with awareness of the strengths that he or she possess and suggestions for fulfilling the mission in life.

Dharma Profile 1

You will....relate this one's dharma from the past and past lifetimes in general in terms of incarnations.

We see that there have been opportunities for this one to synthesize who he is and what he knows. This has occurred to one degree or another in every physical experience that this one has partaken of. We see that there have been those times where the dharma is very similar to that which this one has in the present, where there are opportunities for influence in most productive ways. We see that this one has a great capacity for helping those who are in need. We see however it is a dharma yet fulfilled within this one to be able to aid those who are not obviously in need, who require a kind of strength of leadership that this one is capable of but does not often tender.

We see that this has been a profound sense of agitation within the Self for many different lifetimes, particularly those when opportunities were presented and this one at some point realized that they were not responded to. We see that this one has yet to unify in the thinking the recognition that it is through the aiding of others that the true dharma will be fulfilled. It is only through this one being willing to offer the considerable knowledge, the potential insight, and the wisdom which he does possess that will bring forth the true aiding of others.

This one tends to forgo this for physical assistance which is temporary at best and dependency forming at worst. This has occurred within lifetime after lifetime where this one did foster the dependencies of others upon himself in an effort to find some type of support or acceptance. The degree to which this is done in the past or within the present is the degree to which this one deviates from his dharma for it is a distraction to him for it is ego centered. We see that as within the past and once again in the present this temptation does exist and arise for this one. We see that in order for the dharma to be fulfilled, this one must with singular attention and with devotion cause this one to be given in efforts to aid others through what it is that this one knows not what it is that this one believes. This is all.

What would be the relevance of this one's dharma to the present lifetime?

As has been given, the distractions again arise. We see that this one often is distracted from his dharma through the desire to be accepted by others, the desire to gain their favor. We see that this is short lived, and we see that it does not fulfill and satisfy this one. We see that it is a self-centeredness that this one allows to overtake the Self, and to blind the Self from what it is that this one is here to offer.

We see that this one then has concepts of authority or leadership or influence in ways which are not productive to himself or others, and we see that this one must transcend these thoughts for they are limiting this one's capacity to comprehend, to assimilate, and to act upon the reason why this one is here. We see that it is through this one's willingness to alter the Self that the freedom will be found. It is through this one's willingness to be accountable that the leadership will be found. It is through this one's willingness for forthrightness that the influence will be found. This one is aware that he is capable of much more, but this awareness is not new, it has existed within this one for many lifetimes. This one must do with that awareness. This is all.

Why does this one accept less than the best from the Self?

It is the developed mind pattern, it is the temptation to allow it to overtake the Self and this one does. It is an attitude of weakness within the Self for fear that he will be rejected or not accepted. Would suggest to this one in that regard that whether others accept or reject him ultimately does not matter. For it is this one that must be accepted within the Self. It is this one that must pursue acceptable paths to the Self. 91397BGC2

Dharma Profile 2

You will ... relate this one's dharma from the past and past lifetimes in general in terms of incarnations.

There have been experiences for this one that have spanned much time where this one was appointed or self-appointed in positions of leadership that involved forward thinking. Time and again this one has been innovative in the way that this one thinks and what this one is willing to entertain. We see that this one once again finds the self in a similar position, and this is because this one's dharma is interlinked intimately with vision. We see that this one has a capacity for seeing and perceiving microcosms and macrocosms in ways that are far beyond what is common.

We see that in the past experiences this one at times has been true to this dharma but we see that it has often been a distraction for this one away from it according to how the vision was received or rejected by others. We see that within the present this one has afforded the Self the advantage of certain disciplines, both garnered within past periods as well as within the present, which bring to this one a type of courage which this one has lacked previously, which is most important as a means by which this one may fulfill the dharma in the present. We see that in the past this one did not have available to the Self the avenues which are presently available to her in both disseminating and communicating as well as assimilating her vision. We see that this is a time for this one which is quite acute in regards to fulfilling this dharma. We see that the opportunities are ripe to accomplish what heretofore has been left fallow. This is all.

What would be the relevance of this one's dharma to the present lifetime?

We see in addition to what has been given that there is a kind of strength that this one has garnered and has brought to the Self which she already possesses. We see that this was lacking in previous experiences which did make it easier to follow distractions. Within the present this is not to say that distractions do not exist for they do but we see that this one is less willing to tolerate them, and we see that this is most important in regards to this one being true to her own dharma.

We see that there is a need for this one to rise above the reactions of others whether in a supportive or defaming way toward herself and toward what it is this one perceives. We see that it is most important for this one to utilize whatever concepts of honesty this one has built in the present time period and in causing there to be a channeling of this one's ego, in effect sacrificing it, for the vision which this one holds. We see that it is this action that will make pursuing this ones' dharma much easier, and it will cause the transcendence that this one believes to be possible, and has searched for, for many lifetimes. This is all. (91397BGC1)

Dharma Profile 3

You will ...relate this one's Dharma.

This would most readily be described as synthesis. We see that there have been many opportunities, many lifetimes, where this one has intended to bring about the use of energy, the use of different energies, the coming together of energies, the employment of energies in a wholistic form, that would then bring about a kind of growth.

We see that there have been difficulties within this in regards to cooperating with this urge. We see that this one's capacity for this synthesizing or bringing together of elements is considerable, but the willfulness of its employment does not match the potential. Therefore, within time period after time period there has been some distraction that this one has allowed to become dominant. In as much as this has occurred, then there is the forsaking of the urge toward the synthesis and the sacrificing of it for a singular part.

We see that this has led, at different times, to grief within this one. It has led to considerable learning in many cases, building of particular understandings. Yet within the Self there is a cry of sadness that remains within this one because of the lack of fulfillment of the need and the potential within the Self. We see that this still therefore exists within the present time period in this one, and there is still the sadness, there is still the sense of grief, there is still the sense of need, acutely within this one that this one often goes to extreme lengths to deny or to cover or to escape. Because this has built over many lifetimes, it is not as easily escaped within the present, and we see that this one does tend to come back to a point of synthesis. It is more from the pain that this one comes to this rather than the desire. There is a need for this one in the present time period to sacrifice the Self, to surrender the Self, to this need. It is only by doing so that this one will receive the revelation of what it can offer this one, and then begin to give a kind of fullness to the life, guidance to the life, that this one has not in other lifetimes allowed. This is all.

What would be the relevance of this one's dharma to the present lifetime?

We see that, as has been spoken of, points of pain or sadness, or feeling separated, detached appear more readily within the present time period. They have arisen many times in this one's life. As has the very overt ways in which this one tries to deny or escape or run away from the realization within the Self that needs to take place. As has been given, within the present the capacity for this one to surrender completely within the Self to this one's need, and to recognize that it is, what has been termed synthesis, is the step that this one can make and must make in order for this one to be aware of the dharma and fulfill it.

This one has previously not experienced the kind of obvious revealing of this that at times does come into this one's existence. It is most important for this one to synthesize within the Self to align this one's consciousness and the times when this occurs are easily notable by the replacing of the sadness with joy, by the sense of freedom that this one experiences, and by the influence that this one has upon the Self and others. Would suggest that this one actively endeavor every moment to align the consciousness, which would mean that the thoughts are created and are manifested. This is all.

Why does this one seek to deny or avoid the experience of the synthesis mentioned?

Outwardly this would be a fear of losing the difference or what this one would describe as identity. In reality it is a misunderstanding of the power invested in who this one is.

How can this one maintain the powerfulness and the productiveness, mental powerfulness, where sometimes this one is mentally paralyzed?

It comes in the surrender. Would suggest that this one recognize the times when this one begins to shut down or shut out, or to rebel, are the times when this one has ceased to surrender, and this is what the mind, the consciousness can be brought back to again and again. It will require this because this one has allowed the self to be weak-willed, distracted easily, and therefore it has not become a part of the Self as yet that this one would maintain the strength of the united consciousness. It must be built.

This one says, "What type of career path would be most conducive to developing the understanding of this synthesis and the qualities mentioned here?"

The synthesis is not an effect of a physical choice. This is part of the revelation that this one will receive in the complete surrender that has been spoken of. Therefore, it is not a matter of one physical condition being better than another. It is a matter of this one's capacity to bring to the situation the breadth of synthesis, whether it is bringing together people, or bringing together thoughts, or bringing together activities. It is all of them and none of them. 111498BGC3

Dharma Profile 4

You will ... relate this one's dharma.

This would be described as comprehension. We see that there have been significant times where this one has sought to understand the whole nature of something. We see that there has been an experience of trying to understand the relationship of weather to the existence of the Self. There has been a time of trying to understand religious concepts, supreme deities, and the relationship to people. There have been times of trying to understand the nature of family, of brothers and sisters. This has been a thread throughout many of this one's lifetimes where this one has had a very strong urge to understand the completeness or the comprehension of something, and this again is a very strong part of this one. It is part of what this one has brought into the present existence, is the understanding that has been amassed throughout lifetime experiences, and we see that there is a very strong urge to be able to have a wholistic viewpoint about anything.

We see that this urge is so strong and that this one is open to it, that there is a tendency in the present to intellectualize it, rather than to realize that it is this urge for wholism, for completion for completeness that is very real within this one and that this one can bring to whatever it is that this one is doing. It is most important for this one to own this urge, rather than to give it away, which is this one's tendency. This one needs to embody it, to in effect be it himself, rather than attempt to see it as merely another energy that can be employed somewhere. It is, in many ways, this one's essence, and it is by revealing to the Self the comprehension of the inner and the outer, that this one will find the fulfillment that eludes him. This is all.

This one says his understanding of dharma is something you give and do but he doesn't understand how to give comprehension.

There is a kind of depth of thinking which this one is capable of which is most enthralling. It is most arresting. And it does enable whatever this one is doing to be more whole and more complete, to be more fully understood by himself and by others. We see that it has been this one's pattern to interpret this energy as a desire to know more, rather than a desire to give more. Therefore, this one has created patterns where he is very easily distracted away from what it is that he possesses.

Would suggest that this one learn to still the mind and to in effect settle within him on his own Self so that this one can become more appreciative of the qualities that he already possesses. This one's tendency is to always look for what he doesn't have yet, and to look for ways to acquire it, so that in effect this one can receive. It will necessitate that this one begin to actively seek ways to give in order for this one to become more cognizant of the dharma that is present within him.

What would be the relevance of this one's dharma to the present lifetime?

There have been many opportunities within this present lifetime for this one to recognize what he has. We see that in many ways this one has been very fortunate and has not really experienced hardship, not compared to what he has experienced in past lifetimes or even compared to the lives of others, and we see that it would be well for this one to give thought to this, to recognize how very fortunate he is in the choice of birth, in the choice of conditions within his life, and to begin to moment by moment, incorporate a kind of gratefulness within the self. This then would lead to the capacity to more fully understand the comprehensive nature of the Self, the capacity for giving that is present within him. It would give him a sense of security in that. Teaching what this one knows is most important to him in revealing this to the Self as well as implementing it in giving it to others, for it is in the giving of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to others that what this one has is revealed to the self. This is true for this one as well as others, but it is a most important way for this one to approach the present existence to more fully understand the nature of this one's dharma. (111498BGC9) 

Dharma Profile 5

You will... relate this one’s dharma...

This would be described as cohesion. It is the result of several understandings or factors that have been built over many different experiences. We see that there is a profound understanding that this one has of influence and we see that this one is mindful of this one’s influence as well as the influence that others have upon one another. We see that there is a kind of expectancy within this that is natural for this one. There has also been the development over periods of time of being a kind of mediator, this is the form that it has been taken where this one has drawn together different groups of people.

This has been true in many familial settings where in different families this one was the individual within the family that would bring others together. It has also been true within being a counselor or a kind of adviser for people in positions of power whether governmental or religious. We see that these experiences have given this one a kind of breadth of understanding of humanity that is part of this one’s being and therefore is a part of this one’s dharma.

The dharma itself however is best described as cohesion for there is a yearning within this one to understand the ways in which energies unite and do bond and there is the desire upon this one’s part to understand the reason why. It is very strong within this one, for much of this one’s experiences have taught the self that this principle exists and there are temporary experiences which defy it. This is an enigma to this one in many ways and we see that it is the dharma to manifest the cohesion in any way that this one perceives it and in that way to bring into the Self the understanding of being it. It is through doing that this one becomes and therefore to consider it in idea form is not acceptable for it does not produce the state of being that this one is seeking. Embodying the cohesiveness, the sense of what it is and this one’s understanding of it, is the means by which this one will elevate the consciousness to the point of understanding why. This is all.

Very well. What would be the relevance of this one’s dharma to the present life time?

This one has invested considerable thought and energy into the fruition that has been stated and yet we see that this one still finds the self distracted from this quest in terms of what this one does experience at times not only from other people or through observation but also within his own existence and it is still a dilemma for this one that this one can not remain within the consciousness of cohesion that this one has come to love. It would be helpful for this one to understand the nature of movement of the ideas from a state of believing and faith into a state of knowing and being. This has often been considered by this one but it has yet to be employed within his own thinking to the degree to which this one becomes comfortable or adept at willing it. It is in the development of the letting go of judgement, letting go of ego that this will be experienced. There is some acquaintance with this within this one, however, this one has yet to move the self to a point of letting go of the attachments. There is not a replacement for this, even though this one has hoped that there would be. It is a form of sacrifice that this one will need to make in order for the wisdom to pour from this one that is so devoutly desired. This is all.

Very well relax. (9900BGC6)

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