"My weekend at the Kundalini Rising Spiritual Focus Weekend was as always the most fulfilling weekend of the whole year. It renews my hope and faith for humankind, experiencing love in the highest form; unconditional. I have received the best tools or knowledge here. I have gained understandings they don’t teach in regular school. My purpose is, as always, to teach others, or pass on information -- as they seek it. I felt especially rewarded to have brought another soul in contact with all they’ll ever need to progress as a soul." – M. Elliott, dental assistant

Transference of Energy Report

Life force moves through every human being. This life force animates our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being. It gives us life. The force goes by many names (chi, ki, etc.) and is known around the world. It is infinite energy, and we require it for our existence.

How we receive, distribute, transform, and give this energy reflects how we relate to others, accomplish our goals, and know ourselves as creators. Chakras are energy transformers, they receive one form of energy and transform it for use as a different kind. These etheric energy centers take the energy you have spent in manifesting your desires and recycle it back into your mind so you can continue to create what you want. When the chakras are sluggish in their function or when you fail to draw upon them, you find that, more and more, what you desire doesn't happen.

How your chakras function have everything to do with your sense of confidence, well-being, and health. In fact physical disease can be predicted by how chakras are being ill-used. The Transference of Energies report gives a unique personal perspective on all of this by examining how you are drawing upon these energies in your life.

Except 1

This one values a great deal the intellect and the capacity for understanding that can be gained through the exercising of reasoning, therefore we see that this one does keep the brow chakras very active and we see that there is also the utilization of the will energies for we see that this one has a command of will in regards to this one directing the thinking.  We see that this makes for a way in which this one can move the thoughts quickly and can cause there to be connections that are made that can be quite inciteful.  We see that this one has restricted how this one would view it as disciplined the mind and the energies for some time in order for this one to attain what was desired.  We see that this was methodical, it was intentional and we see that this one has utilized the energies in that way.  There has been a kind of regimentation of the energies in the way that this one utilized them and we see that this one has pulled upon and drawn upon all of the energy centers many times in concordance and we see that it has enabled this one to accomplish many experiences in the life.  We see that this one has desired a depth to experience that has not existed to this point and we see that in order for this to occur this one will need to be able to center the self more within the heart so that the crown might become active and we see that by so doing this one would then open the door to different levels of experiences, different qualities of experiences. 

We see that there has been some hesitancy in that regard from a point of indecision where this one wants these experiences that are more nonphysical however when this one thinks about it there is a conflict within the self.  There is some doubt or fear, anxiety, there are emotions that arise that this one does not really know what to do with.  We see that this is the time for this one to move to the understandings that are possessed through the heart center rather than continue to try to think with the brow for as this one continues to think then there is either the procrastination, the putting off of the action or there is the further disturbance because to many thoughts are produced that are not relative, they’re not grounded, the relevance to truth becomes lost, therefore the ability to be rooted in truth will be found through this ones acquaintance with the heart for here are the understandings of the self and these then can be matured so that there can be the connection with the crown.  In that way, this one can experience the kind of transformation or shift that this one has been desiring for sometime and is in this ones capacity for this one to experience. 

The development of the still mind will be helpful in allowing this one to move inward.  In the process of being drawn inward and moving inward this one will find a greater utilization of the energies and more energies available to this one.  This will require a relinquishing of the way in which this one has manifested the energies previously.  What this one has learned and understood from this process will be very helpful, however the way in which this one has constructed the thinking to get things done will need to change for they do not apply directly to the process of moving inward, therefore it would be helpful for this one to accept the need for the difference in both approach and intent.  (6-12-2004-BGC-8)

Excerpt 2

Transference of Energy

There are strong pattern within this one of thinking. We see that there is the capacity for this one to expand the thinking and we see that there is the need for it. The patterns that have been established have been present for a long time and we see that some are genetic in nature. We see that they are predominant, they are discriminative, they are provoking. We that they are the construction through which this one has molded the life and has caused the other choices to be made.

We see that the energies that this requires are considerable and we see therefore for this one to have a high degree of stamina. We see that the stamina, however is often vexed and we see that this is due to the reliance upon primary the spleen, solar plexus and throat. We see that these areas are a constantly in motion and we see that they are producing a kind of triad energy that causes there to be a disassociation from the  remaining energies that are available. We see that this happens particularly when this one is pointed in terms of this one's interaction with others, in the waking existence.

We see that it is through the times when this one sleeps that this one is able to restore some balance within the energies and replenish the energies that are draw upon consistently. We see that there is a need for this one to cause there to be an alteration in the way that this one creates. We see that this one need to become more alert to the reality of being able to create in the present moment and to be more fluid in the thinking in this ones ability to see possibilities and options and this ones ability to recognize the connectedness with others. (05-13-2006-BGC-01)

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