This Summer,
take your family on an odyssey

The Indigo Family ODYSSEY


The Odyssey starts Thursday with an early-evening hayride through beautiful Dream Valley to a scenic, shady gravel bar, where a fire roasted dinner by the clear Niangua River awaits you. The river trip could be a time of water play, catching creek critters, singing, storytelling, making baskets or just being in the peace of flowing water.

Every evening, there’s a fire at the campsite. There may be dancing, singing, star gazing, or even a play.

Every morning starts with breakfast cooked dramatically over a big wood fire. Everyone gets the chance to help prepare food, whether it’s pancakes from blueberries we just picked\or root beer from real roots!

On Friday, you’ll go on a blueberry-picking expedition, hike into a wild, living cave with a commanding view of a huge valley, and receive astrological counseling for everyone in your family. This all topped off with a ride to the shore of a secluded pond for an evening picnic and some canoe-handling practice.

Saturday is an all-day canoeing/swimming/exploring trip down the pools and clear streams of the Niangua River. Experienced paddlers help make your trip fun and safe.

Sunday morning you are invited to the world’s Peace Dome located on campus. Your time here helps you absorb and understand the changes you’ve experienced yourself and as a family. As you place your own ceramic, colored tile in the mandala on the floor of the dome and see stones for the dome sent from around the world, you’ll have rare insight into how world peace starts in ourselves and our families.
The weekend provides empowering guidance - whether it’s helping kids organize an impromptu play, or helping a father to see what he does with his kids that works, and why it works. All this is in an atmosphere of acceptance, love, trust, and mindful elevation. Kids are given attention, watched closely, and allowed to be who they are.

“At many points during the weekend, the love was strong and palpable. I had the clear thought, ‘This is universal love.’ It was not conditional on social roles, like this person is my child or my spouse or my brother or sister. We are all brothers and sisters, children of our Creator. As we create together, we experience this divine love.” - —Dr. Laurel Clark, SOM president and Indigo Odyssey mentor

A special time for giving your family what you’ve always wanted for them.

“This is my favorite place now.” —
Leah, at age 6

An extended learning weekend for your family

....only on the campus of the College of Metaphysics

An Intuitive Report known as a Family Profile is given for the families who participate in this memorable adventure.

An Odyssey of Peacemaking

“I really appreciate what everybody did in looking after them. Three can be quite hard to manage. And so it was nice to feel safe if one ran off that someone was checking on them. And just that level of acceptance, to feel a release from the pain around that that’s accumulated.” --- Susan, mother of 3

Time for Nature
Free from artificial distractions and surrounded by nature, it’s easier to be in harmony with ourselves and each other.

“Ryan or Kaley never asked about a TV, radio or gadget of any kind. My kids were really immersed in nature and being these free spirits looking and listening at everything with such wonder. It almost made me cry at times to see how happy they were.” –Rod (Ryan & Kaley’s dad)

Time for Attention
We make sure children know they are valued and have a place of belonging, a role to play, in the world around them. Part of that is giving attention.

“What stands out in my mind the most about canoeing is the people being so attentive to Leah. She came away from that trip with a deeper respect for herself and for other people because so many of the College students were willing to give her their attention and wisdom.” -—Amy, Leah’s mom

A Rite of Passage
The weekend concludes with a ceremony in the upper chamber of the Peace Dome to honor each child in his or her movement toward adulthood. Dr. Barbara Condron, author of How to Raise an Indigo Child, draws on her rich knowledge of movement, vibration, and symbolism to create and lead this meaningful experience. It is a moment that sends lasting messages to children and parents on several levels.

Our Staff
Each member of our staff has spent years learning and teaching all kinds of people how to use the mind to bring out their full potential through the School of Metaphysics. Our staff includes parents, doctors of metaphysics, certified counselors, and leaders of spiritual retreats. Our staff also includes a naturalist, a recreational therapist, and people with professional experience teaching children.

The art of living as a family is the art of making peace. Part of making peace is learning. Spend time in a place where every activity and every ‘problem’ is a chance to learn, teach, and understand. Where people look out for each other, and children are accepted as they are. This extended weekend in nature will give your family the spiritual focus you have been seeking.
"This was really a wonderful experience, it is always possible to bond and grow closer to your children, especially when all the outside distractions are gone...."

read Rod, Ryan, and Kaley's story

Reservations for this session are $1250.00* per family. This includes guided nature walks, caving in Hildebrand Cave, Niangua River canoe float, professional astrological counsel, materials, and meals. Each family supplies their own tent, bedding, and flashlights. Appropriate clothing, water bottles, sunscreen, and personal supplies are recommended. Restrooms and showers are available at campsite. After paying for food and materials, 100% of money from this weekend goes toward maintenance of the world’s Peace Dome. Mentors donate their time and expertise.
(*families over 4, additional $250 per person)

Please make check or money order payable to
School of Metaphysics, 163 Moon Valley Rd, Windyville MO 65783
Order online by credit card

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