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There are many different types of Intuitive Reports offered through the School of Metaphysics.  Some of these are available to the general public at any time upon request.  Some reports can only be procured during the extended learning weekends at the College of Metaphysics. These Spiritual Focus Weekends offer instruction, counsel, and coaching relative to the teaching focus be it Healing or Parenting or Creativity.  

All intuitive reports convey to the recipient of the report necessary truth for the individual's development and soul progression. Below you will find the intuitive reports available through the School of Metaphysics and links to request a report and learn more.

The Reports offered during SPIRITUAL FOCUS SESSIONS

The Transference of Energy Report

How are your chakras spinning?

Initiations are elevations in consciousness through accessing your core essence. The classical major chakras are the etheric connectors, gateways, that open the mind in giving and close the mind in receiving thereby creating a third option – neutrality. The first initiation is realizing that all situations are neutral. Begin your initiations this year.


Dharma Report
during Your Soul's Purpose Spiritual Focus Weekend
You have a unique quality of expression and being that is yours alone. It is the product of understandings gleaned from countless experiences throughout time. These come together to for your internal soul connection which brings you peace and a sense of destiny. Explore your Dharma in...


Healer's Portrait
during The Spirit of the Healer session
The innate capacity for health and wholeness emanates from every life form, expressing through six emotional doorways. The Healer's Portrait presents the specific qualities that establish one's healing presence.  Self-realization – for parents, teachers, and anyone in health and social services – to empower Self to aid others.


Partners on the Path

In the Intertwining of Souls report, discover your connectedness in love and divine friendship with your marriage partner and how to more fully integrate truth between the two.
Intuition Analysis
during POWERS of TEN session
The School of Metaphysics has been teaching the practical art and science of intuition for decades. From dream incubation to perceiving the human aura to soul connection, your mini-course in intuition begins here. Steve Jobs said it well, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become." The Intuition Analysis identifies the factors necessary sets your mind free to experience the inner worlds of creation, ascension, and transformation. Start it up!

The Meditation Profile
during Superconsious Meditation weekend
Superconsciousness is your connection with the Divine. Through Superconscious Meditation you open yourself to receive divine energy and guidance. The Meditation Profile offered at this session describes how to live meditatively so it can become your everyday state of being. Whether you are just beginning a meditation practice or have been meditating for many years, this weekend will aid you to move your meditation practice forward.

Friendship Profile
during the Unified Field session

Offers the keys to increasing, strengthening, and improving one's ability to develop deep and lasting, soul-satisfying friendships.

FRIENDSHIP – The Unified Field

Healer's Portrait
during The Spirit of the Healer session
The specific qualities and understandings an individual has built that bring about a healing presence.  The knowledge anyone in health and social services needs to know to empower Self to aid others.


Creative Mind Report
during the Genius Code
The power of visualization draws to you (and you to) what you desire. The Creative Mind report reveals how to draw upon the re-creative power available in the inner levels of consciousness.


Parenting Profile
during the Parenting the Indigo Child
This report offers the significant mind pattern in one's parenting and the necessary knowledge needed for maximizing one's capabilities to help children grow in knowledge and wisdom. You are your child's First teacher.

The following sessions are forming now. Email us with your area of interest.

THE UNIFIED FIELD of FRIENDSHIP Communication over time and space brings the experience of divine friendship. Includes the Friendship Profile.

Two tools every parent needs an Intuitive Health Analysis on your child and for you, the Parenting Profile.

Living and Loving your SoulMate. Includes the Intertwining of Souls report. The time and space you’ve been needing to spiritualize your marriage.

Your soul is older than written history. If you’ve been desiring a significant shift in your consciousness, this weekend is for you. Includes the Atlantean Profile.

Atlantean Profile
during Atlantis Awakening
Discover who you were during the time of Atlantis. Your unique mission begun in Atlantis and culminating now will be revealed.

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