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Neuroscientists can now track the beneficial effects
of concentration and meditation for your health, well-being, and happiness.

How is it done?

POWERS of TEN guides you through ten shifts in consciousness to reveal your Whole Self. This weekend is designed to give you the experiences you need
to make that quantum leap in consciousness.

Now the experience offered at colleges and universities throughout the Midwest becomes a weekend to reclaim your center and begin exercising your divine birthright as a creator.

• The Ten Skills Essential for any Whole, Functioning Self

• The Intuition Analysis describing how one experiences intuition and how to personally receive, respond, and encourage this skill

• A 13 Step Taraka Yoga based on centuries old Jnana Yoga practices in the infinite nature of consciousness

One weekend a year, at the Moon Valley Ranch
on the campus of the College of Metaphysics in the USA.

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is based upon decades of research into the awakened brain pattern and whole mind thinking, this one day seminar provides you with over a dozen experiences that will reveal your natural brilliance.
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What is an Intuition Analysis?

An Intuition Analysis evaluates individual consciousness from the mental level of consciousness outward into physical expression. It encompasses the Subconscious and Conscious mind functioning examining and relating how intuition is recognized, cognized, and utilized by the individual. Read the following opening of an Intuition Analysis and you'll get a picture of what this information is like.

The Question:

You will examine the essence of this entity relating those factors necessary for this one separate, identify, accept, and admit this one’s intuitive faculties.

The Answer:

"This would come most readily from this one being able to accept her own charisma.  We see that this one has a very strong ability to draw people to her.  And we see in this there is the quality of love that is very active within this one.  This then becomes a kind of magnetism that does both draw her as well as others to her, and in this there is the opening of the intuitive abilities.  We see that there is a need for this one to appreciate this quality and this ability and to examine it in light of experience rather than in light of intellect.  We see that this one has great capacities for utilizing the physical mind and to be able to set goals and accomplish them, and also the ability within this to include other people.  We see that there is a tendency however to draw away from the workings of the inner mind in this process and to give a great deal of attention and credit to the outer mind rather than the inner workings. ...." [07-14-2001-BGC-01]

Open to everyone who wants to experience the Whole, Functioning Self

Register today Space is limited to ten guest participants and ten School of Metaphysics apprentices.

Who Attends?

Health care workers, psychologists, artists, counselors, social workers, students, ministers, mathematicians, parents, spiritualists, physicists, teachers, politicians – anyone who wants to see with new eyes.

"The practice of the life skills presented in the Powers of Ten Seminar continues to improve my relationships with my peers and my patients. I can see why they are labeled Essential Life Skills....."
– Dr. John Pawlus, dentist and inventor

"Awesome program so much to think about in one Day!!! I wish everyone I know could attend. It’s like getting a booster shot of Perspective!" –Laural Lantz, registered nurse

NASW Approved for 11.5 contact hours

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• Go beyond your ego

• Free your mind from the limits of multi-tasking and scattered attention

• Focus on the inner source of your health and well-being.

• Develop your inner core

• Teach what you learn to your friends and family

• Extend longevity

What people say about POWERS of TEN

10 ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS empower you to change your life, your relationships, and yourself. Here's what people say....

Self Respect ...Wow! I never thought about the place man holds in the universe. He’s right in the middle!” exclaimed one young participant.

Undivided Attention ....“Time seemed to pass so quickly,” one participant says of the ten-minute concentration on the ancient Sri Yantra form.

Concentration .....“She knew about the problem I have with my gall bladder!” another says at lunch, referring to the Walking in My Shoes experience.

Memory .....“I didn’t realize I had so many memories, or that they populate so much of my thinking,” a business owner said.

Listening .....“In my whole life I've never opened my heart like I did today!" declared a woman in her seventies who attends the POWERS of TEN each time it is in the Chicago area.

Imagination .....“Unlocking the power of 'what if' freed me from several self-imposed limitations today," said an accountant's wife and mother of two.

Breath ....“I felt the energy move through me,” a surprised middle-aged participant said after the chi-breath exercise. "I'll use this with my clients starting tomorrow!"

Reasoning ...“Graphing my memories was a profound experience for me that will aid me in my work," remarked the hospice worker.

Intuition ...“I never knew how powerful our dreams are or how much they have shaped the course of mankind's history," the law enforcement agent remarked.

Entrainment ....“I have been blaming that 6-year-old boy for my misfortune, never seeing the part I played in the accident, for almost fifty years. Now I am free. Thank you!” the youth counselor stayed afterward.

satisfies continuing education requirements for many different professions.  Professionals can apply for Continuing Education Unit credits from the accrediting boards in their field.  You may not be aware that most boards consider and accept credits from individual initiative. This course is ten hours of experiential instruction in the development and use of individual potential.

11.5 contact hours for the Spiritual Focus Weekend

This program has been approved as a one-day seminar by the Missouri Chapter of NASW for 9.25 continuing education contact hours, the Indiana Chapter for 9 hours and and the Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers (OSBLS) for 10 contact hours. National application is pending for this weekend. Professionals in all fields can submit this weekend for credit hours in their field since what is learned is transferable.

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