Conscious Convergence

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con–scious –(knshs)

[From Latin cnscius : com-,
com- + scre,
to know; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]
Conscious Convergence is the commitment for transition to unity consciousness

Inception. Reception. Perception.

This weekend strangers came together at a theater in Ft. Worth, Texas to be entertained and learned more about themselves than they thought possible because of the efforts of people dedicated to soul growth and spiritual progression.

This weekend new friends and old ones came together at the Peace Dome to invest in a better world.

As these people came to the College of Metaphysics, its director went east to teach at a local branch in Louisville, Kentucky.

The beauty is this could have been ANY weekend. What happened here is not unusual for those at SOM. Conscious Convergence is where the individual meets the group, and both are enriched because of it. For 40 years, the School of Metaphysics has been offering the place for people from all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels to come together to pursue the common goal of elevating consciousness. This elevation is the result of practicing concentration, meditation and visualization in the daily life. These three skills activate scientific principles that make accessing Mind's powers possible.

Through study and application and by offering a common meeting place for that learning to evolve, the SOM continues to be dedicated to aiding any individual to become a Whole, Functioning Self. Our purpose is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by ushering in Intuitive, Spiritual Man. This is accomplished through teaching teachers.

These pages are dedicated to three expressions of that ideal and purpose occurring one weekend, July 16-18, 2010. This weekend is common for students and teachers at SOM and it is a pleasure to share our stories in words and pictures.

"The kind of education that promotes and encourages Enlightenment is what every soul yearns for. Expanded consciousness is what ultimately every soul will achieve. The beauty of the School of Metaphysics is that it is designed for those who want to accelerate their evolution."


the component of waking awareness perceptible by a person
at any given instant;

"The value, the usefulness, the importance, the influence, the cooperation, the learning, the productivity, the service, the spiritual awareness. These are the things that make life worth living because these are the qualities of creation."

from the book
Spiritual Renaissance:
Elevating your Consciousness
for the Common Good

"...The world needs many spiritual teachers. Older, wiser souls must be willing to mentor younger, hungry souls, inviting the inner consciousness to come forward.

The School of Metaphysics has been preparing people to meet this challenge by studying, researching, living and teaching the development of conciousness....[It] marches right in the middle of teaching spirtiuality. Not as a belief system or as a dogma, but as a series of spiritual and mental disciplines that open the individual to genius, to the supernatural, to the divine. These disciplines that are based upon universal principles apply to anyone, anytime, anywhere. "

1. The act, condition, quality,
or fact of converging;
A meeting place

"When 25th century man looks back at the years we are now living, I am certain that it is this transition in consciousness – animal-man sacrificing himself to Spiritual Man – that will be remembered and exalted. This time which we are now living will indeed be seen as the birth of a golden age, an age of planetary Enlightenment. An age of realizing what is truly of value.

And the beginning of embodying value, living it, as never before seen on Earth."

from the book
Spiritual Renaissance


a hollywood movie sheds light on consciousness questions and we are there!


2010 Peace Ambassador Conference at the Peace Dome


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