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The School of Metaphysics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institute with branches in 15 U.S. cities. Since 1973, it has offered outstanding education in the exploration and development of the Mind's potential. Students are taught how to develop mastery in ten essential life skills through the daily practice of mental disciplines.


Class interaction between teacher and student opens doors to further learning in advanced levels of study, and group projects give opportunities for leadership, mediation, and mentoring. SOM Study is noted for its practical approach to Self Actualization that encourages spiritual progression. Those willing have a unique opportunity for developing the Self while strengthening relationships with others. Group projects afford experiences in conscious co-creation that illustrate what can occur when people are united by common ideals.These journals capture this process through describing the events occurring when the director of the College of Metaphysics, Dr. Daniel Condron, visits one of the local branches.

July 15, 2010

Dr. Daniel Arrives by Bryan Menne

Dr. Daniel's presence on the Louisville has made an impact on my consciousness, even before he arrived. Kind, compassionate and aware he came to be with us in Louisville, today. I said, "hello" and gave a hug and then I was off to mow the lawn. While mowing, I started to become more aware of my Self as I reflected on having Dr. Daniel stay with us. What were my thoughts speaking to me? I was assessing my Self in the Light of the presence of Superconscious awareness. That is a good thing.

On Thursdays, starting at 5 P.M., we have a gardening event that I lead. It is activity with the purpose of learning and teaching. It was a hot day on this occasion, but with the reception of Dr. Daniel, there was added motivation in the form of thoughfulness. I appreciated my thoughts, my Ideal, being Perseverance for the purpose of Building Strength. I looked up the definition at and thought this was profoundly interesting, particularly the two definitions that were listed:
1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
2. Theology . continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.

I have had my fair share of obstacles and the undisciplined manufacturing of them in my past, and now I am ready to turn towards a future of disciplined creation, which will lead to salvation and Heaven on Earth. How fitting those two were.

This Gardening Event, felt special, holy, even. I was at play in the field of Gods: mowing, weeding, pruning, trellising, watering, laughing, and doing life-force. Christine Brazzel was there to join me in service and complete hers as well as my learning. She brought her ideal of Honesty and I brought mine of Perseverance, we added a fertile Mind substance with a little heart centeredness to the mix and brought illumination and growth to each other and the garden. The three varieties of jalapenos were treated with so much love and tenderness, like never before seen. Even the weeds received respect. I felt in tune with the plants, dancing with them the intuitive dance that glides with passion for life. I felt like I was a kid again, like in elementary school, totally caught up in the excitement of learning through exploration of the possibilities. I felt healed with the joy of learning.

I'm not sure what our dharmas are, but I have a guess that mine is Acceptance and hers is Determination. You need both for growth: humility to see where one is at and then possess the necessary will power to take persistent action until the desired goal is achieved.

Laboratory positions in school centers is where learning gets grounded and clear. I am so grateful for my school, my divine friendships, my learning and that Dr. Daniel's presence hedged everything towards fulfillment. It has been a long time coming and I am grateful.

Bryan Menne
Outdoor Sacred Space coordinator

Growth Benefits in Serving

My experience over the weekend Dr Daniel was in town was very exhilarating. I, of course, cooked for everyone who was going to the booth over the weekend. This was quite the stretch for me in terms of time management and figuring out what to prepare. I worked as I usually do over the week so I was pretty much cooking all day. I learned a greater degree of service than I had previously been aware of before. I saw a new image of the type of person and chef I want to become I never tired in or of my duty instead found my self being invigorated and full of life force. I also had an opportunity to get to know Dr. Daniel better than I had before. I usually only see him at the College of Metaphysics with hundreds of other people, this time it was a nice mellow experience.  

Brian Bedwell, chef extraordinaire!

(above with Lindy from Indy who attended the Peace Ambassador Conference this same weekend)

Thursday July 15th

 My ideal for Louisville has been to become a miniature college of Metaphysics. It seems to be manifesting in a way this weekend.  Louisville is a mini hot spot with Dr. Daniel, the conference, second cycle class, intuitive reports, and book signings.

Friday July 16th. 

Well, it is turning into a College of Metaphysics third weekend right here at home.  I'm not sure I could have imagined a better experience than what has transpired.  One-on-one teaching with Dr. Daniel Condron for hours, right as the Universe harmonizes to create the Conscious Convergence.  And what an experience of being conscious it is! 

Early on I told Dr. Daniel, "I'm glad you're here.  Everything I've been doing as director has been so intuitive.  I just do without know what or how and you are helping me to know on a conscious mind level what I am doing." 

He laughed and said, "I must have intuited that.  I don't always explain everything like this." 

Everything we've done or talked about Dr. Daniel has been living.  He is living the steps necessary for being a skillful, awake teacher and being.  I observe how he goes over and over and over everything he does.  Not just with what he is teaching people, but with what he has to do in his day.  He is methodical about clarifying his picture of visualization.  It was a helpful thing to observe for me to see what I could be doing with my students and my own processes.  The repetition becomes the clarifying agent for what is before us.

I asked him if there was one chakra that was easier to open than the others.  He thought for a moment.  "No.  Not particularly.  If I had to say it would have been the heart and the throat."  In the car he spoke in depth.  The opening of the chakra is just the door opening, he told me.  Then you have to get your arm through, your head, both legs, etc.  The experience or any experience in consciousness is there for us to know what is possible.  Then it takes practice.  That repetition over and over so that that one experience becomes the state of consciousness.  Any experience of consciousness must be assimilated and then the new awareness is achieved and lived.  And sometimes, as in a huge event of consciousness like chakras opening, this could take a year or more.

This brought me such relief.  I have realized that I am so hard on myself that I can actually relax after seeing someone and experiencing the presence of someone who has reached such high vibratory consciousness and realizing that the practice never ceases.  Everything is about the practice and to observe him living the practice of life gave me the permission to practice my own consciousness, wherever that is, so that I can stop straining thinking I need to be somewhere else Right Now! 

Perhaps the greatest gift Dr. Daniel gave me was the gift of myself.  He gave me the permission to be myself.

Saturday July 17th

So, guess what?  I'm a plate spinner too!  I had heard through the grapevine about Dr. Daniel's theory about the consciousness of people who spin their plates when they eat and I did not picture myself as one of that crew.  Well, I was not correct!  With a plateful of delicious blueberry pancakes and cheesy eggs I spun my plate to get that delectable egg close to my body.  When this was brought to my attention I started to laugh at myself.  My body started to contort to change its angle since the plate had to remain stationary.  What a funny concept! 

What Dr. Daniel told me was that he noticed that people who spin their plates believe that they aren't capable of getting the food to the mouth and fail to use their purposeful ability to reason.  Also, they tend to be near-sighted indicating a fear of the future, the unknown, and a need to develop more of their visionary side. 

I thought about this and as we got into the car to go to the conference I told him, "Well, you know what?  I'm near-sighted." 

He smiled.  I told him about when I was 17 years of age I decided I was going to keep going with ballet even though I was unhappy with various elements of the art.  Every ballet studio has enormous mirrors for each dancer to use as a "tool" to correct their technique.  Well, I didn't want to look in the mirror so I trained my eye to get out of focus so I wouldn't have to see.  As I thought about my desire to live my visions I realized that I chose to put myself in a little box.  I put myself into a specific world and felt that the only way to survive in that world was to close off my vision so that I could thrive.  I saw how I had practiced shortening my vision which had been quite expanded up until that time.  I realized the kind of damage I had chosen to do to my own consciousness purely for survival.

Later on that day Dr. Daniel said, "You need to live your enthusiasm more!  I can tell that all that work you did in ballet had constricted your throat.  You need to speak more."  I started experiencing tears of joy!  I could be enthusiastic?!  I was allowed to speak my thoughts and live the joy that I hold in my heart?!  I almost couldn't believe it.  I experienced a surge of spirit rushing upwards through my body as my spirit celebrated the very beginning of freedom.  He gave me the affirmation "I don't have to manipulate myself in order to fit in and survive anymore."  We hugged and as he moved away I felt myself become dizzy for a moment.  I realized I had received his vibration into me and what a vibration it was!  Light and loving to a degree I had not experienced before. 

The whole weekend I kept experiencing glimpses of this vibration.  My chakras started to spin more my heart began opening up.  This evening I went to work at a restaurant and I was talking to someone.  I felt this wave of energy in my ears and in my mind and looked like I was going to fall over for a second.  They asked if I was OK.  I said yes, knowing that my experience with Dr. Daniel was still working through my being.  That I was continuing to open up, something I have been desiring.

All day I thought about how tired I am of putting myself down.  Dr. Daniel showed me a glimmer of what is possible in my own consciousness.  Vision, love, patience, gratitude.  The way he was able to work patiently with people of all kinds was amazing to me.  He could see how every one's ego functioned and therefor have copious amounts of compassion for others, seeing where they are on their journey and meeting them there.  It was a beautiful example!  Something I am endeavoring to accomplish myself.

One final experience that happened over the last two days was pretty funny.  I was to pack lunch and dinner for us and every time I forgot something of import.  A spoon, a knife, a bowl, something.  Every time!  Laughingly I told him, "Well, I can tell how I take care of myself."  I could see how I did not take care of my own needs, specifically relating to food, and so of course I could not provide for someone else in a holistic manner.  An entertaining and simple awareness of self care!

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One-on-One with the Author

My experience with Dr. Daniel was a great learning experience.  It's nice to talk to the author of the book I am currently reading for class.  I received some interesting insight not only about Dreams of the Soul, but into my own consciousness.  I had an idea of how I hard I am on myself at times.  It wasn't until I received Dr. Daniel's advice to practice a negative affirmation that I realized I was completely clueless in reality.  In just three days I have seen how horribly I had treated myself and am actively seeking new ways to learn, change, and grow.  The impact of Dr. Daniel's time in Louisville on my consciousness will be long lasting and I am grateful for it.

Demond Thompson

below left, with Brian Kraichely at the College of Metaphysics


Sunday July 18

There has been so much that I have gained over this weekend.  I did not spend as much time with Dr. Daniel today because my dad flew into town to get an intuitive report.  Though I am reflecting upon this weekend and what I see is that profound simplicity of a rightly lived life.  Dr. Daniel takes care of everything.  The boxes for his cassette players look almost new.  He likes to have good food that looks beautiful.  He knows what he likes, knows the reason for it, and just takes actions that are simple and straight forward every day.  It is inspiring me to watch the joy and fulfillment that comes from this kind of life style.  It is the essence of doing the duty that is at hand.

Wednesday July 21

Well, this visit of Dr. Daniel Condron has drawn to a close.  What a beautiful time.  He was able to help so many people in Louisville to switch their perspective and find internal motivation to continue to grow.  I know, as the director here, that I am inspired to grow my consciousness through this vehicle. 

Since I have come to a school branch after three years of correspondence study, I am still getting to know some of the history of the people in the School as well as the history of the School its self.  I am so grateful to be able to have had this time to continue clarifying who I want to become and experience the possibilities.  To have Dr. Daniel in Louisville was amazing because he could identify the needs in my own home.  It is always an excellent experience to be at the college, though to have him in my environment helped me suture up some gaps in my life that I live every day which wouldn't have happened so quickly otherwise.  With the Conscious Convergence also occurring at this time it was clear why he was here.  He was able to bring out into my conscious mind what limitations I was putting on myself, what I could possible grow to become, and share his powerful vibration with all.  I became much more aware in my outer mind about my future and how to build it that I know was the influence of the universe, Dr. Daniel, and my willingness to receive. 

On Thursday just about twenty minutes before Dr. Daniel arrived our air conditioning unit stopped working.  Brian Bedwell and I were almost distraught.  It had been running just fine and we scrambled to correct this definite problem.  We got it working again and Dr. Daniel arrived just a few minutes later.  I told Brian later, "I'm pretty sure that had to do with Dr. Daniel's aura space!" 

That night I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated in my conscious mind as I was struggling to expand.  By the next day, I was ready to go.  That conscious convergence really drew my attention to my limitations of my conscious mind and then I had the amazing benefit of Dr. Daniel's presence to aid me in finding clarity all throughout the weekend on a conscious mind level.  It was a life changing convergence!  I will be different from here on out and I am grateful for the experience!•

Still Mind, Present Moment, Open Heart

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Friday, July 23

I think the overall summation was that everyone truly enjoyed and appreciated being around someone who truly lives teacher consciousness at every moment. What an impact! We just go a call from someone in Nashville today wanting to
move to Louisville because he really wants to study. That seems like a big movement of energy.


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