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Carl Johan Calleman on Conscious Convergence ...

"This will become an event that ifluences the course of our civilization by setting the intention to manifest unity consciousness on a large-scale with the ninth wave of the Maya calendars."

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con·scious  (knshs)

In psychoanalysis, the component of waking awareness perceptible by a person at any given instant; consciousness.

[From Latin cnscius : com-, com- + scre, to know; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

a. Having an awareness of one's environment and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts.

b. Mentally perceptive or alert; awake

2. Capable of thought, will, or perception

3. Subjectively known or felt

4. Intentionally conceived or done; deliberate

5. Inwardly attentive or sensible; mindful

6. Especially aware of or preoccupied with.

con¬ver¬gence ¬

1. The act, condition, quality, or fact of converging.


INCEPTION, the movie's impact

RECEPTION, an individual's impact

PERCEPTION, a group of individual's impact

as Universal Awakening from Texas Area Director for SOM Damian Nordmann

....transparent -
seeing reality the way it is....

Back when I started studying at the School of Metaphysics in 1995, I probably would have had some exciting intellectual ideas about what Conscious Convergence meant. If it was related to astrology, I probably would have thought it was "cool", but not really know what degree or depth of profundity would be there. I most likely would have had some image of unification and coming together.

Now, I think about Conscious Convergence as a Universal Awakening.

I see it as the coming together of all minds and hearts for the purpose of awakening to the reality of Creator and the Real Self. It is conscious because it is "awake" like lucid dreaming, clear light dreams, and meditative alertness. It is a convergence because people are recognizing they are united. Humanity is coming to terms with its connectedness and constant state of union, even while fighting for separateness. I also see this Conscious Convergence as a quickening, an acceleration that will enable many on the planet to evolve with grace, ease, and speed.

as CONNECTED VISION from SOM Vice President Ivy Norris

transcendence – of the illusions of separation

At the time I began consciousness study at SOM I would have had very few thoughts about Conscious Convergence in 1995, except possibly that I should know more than I do.

Today, I understand the concepts more fully from my practices. To be conscious means we will be or are awake to the process. That is before and/or within us. Converging has to do with a bringing together.

I believe we are awakening to the reality that thought is cause as a society. In us, we, the School of Metaphysics, I have experienced similar to what Dr. Barbara Condron spoke of last night during a Board of Directors meeting – that we just need to be present as we are, to admire who we are and what we have developed with the discipline, service and teaching.

As I write, I see that the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) recent conference, that was described at the meeting by those who attended, is a kind of conscious convergence. We were conscious enough to shine humbly, gently and generously, aware of what we had to give and mindful enough to give it to an already established group we were aligning with.

Conscious Convergence is Unity consciousness. I appreciate the focus on commitment brought by Carl Calleman. It is good to be awake, to learn, to intuit, the changes that are happening.

Vision is a Godsend right now. I think our developed minds that can reason, will, and act are the utmost importance. We must be Light.


tenacity – the beginning of a process toward deepened unity consciousness that never stops

When I first began my formal studies in metaphysics in 1995, I had a sense then of a mysterious confluence of life arrangements happening. I had read and experimented much with thought, energy, telepathy, astral projection, breathing, and so on. Yet, this had been a haphazard assortment of courses, books, teachers, and trial and error. I felt I had come to a point, and to a place and time, where I could earnestly and comprehensively study and practice metaphysics.

I had just finished my MBA degree. I had two very nice jobs. I had ended a debilitating relationship with a woman. I owned my own house and car. All was right with the world, so it felt like the perfect time to dive deeply into what I had "saved myself" for, what I had put off for years – consciousness study. I could say now, that it felt like many forces were converging to usher me in to this study of mind, and I was now consciously choosing it. It was an exciting time. My picture was that many small rivers in my life were joining up to form one big, strong river.

Now, I think of convergence as a coming together of universal forces so beyond my particular life, and yet my life is intertwined within it all. What I do personally in conscious evolution, in causing it to manifest, brings it to be. There must be many like me who invest in evolutionary thinking for it to become the new norm, the new paradigm.

Conscious Convergence then is the way that each one of us assumes our responsibility for causing a greater unity consciousness in the world, and beyond. It must be individual, it must be conscious, it must be continual, daily and even moment-by-moment choosing to live a higher ideal for ourselves. It is up to us to set our highest standard and then live up to it. This is not burdensome; this is freedom!

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