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"Establishing and staying committed to a clear ideal and purpose is vital part of the process of becoming a conscious creator."

Leah Morris reporting from Dallas, TX –As we drove to Fort Worth on Friday, I took time to visualize what was about to manifest.  I was filled with joy, gratitude and excitement.  Upon arrival, I was reminded the importance of teaching and leading- showing people how to connect with strangers, becoming clear with a purpose for doing so and responding to needs.  I am beginning to see what Damian means when he says that as we mature, we begin to teach and lead all the time- in every moment. 

The Movie Tavern event was an incredible lesson in cause and effect.  I am realizing the importance of having an ideal and purpose for every activity, not solely for my life right now.  As we began connecting with people, I noticed that I was attached to them receiving what we were giving.  I was attached to them seeing value in their dreams.  I was attached to them being excited about School of Metaphysics.  I was more focused on a physical goal of signing up 20 students than I was on my Ideal and Purpose (cause).  Through that experience, I have realized that when I disconnect to my image of what I want to build, attachment to physical  results reigns.  That is hard work!!

And then there was light, and I focused on connecting.  There was one point where a man refused my flier because he would "throw it away".  I thanked him with a grin for his honesty and for conserving my resources.  This turned our interaction into a group dream interpretation with multiple people waiting in line for the movie.  People were firing off questions and sure enough, he asked for the flier back.

It was incredible to receive so many Dallas students willing to give of their time and their knowledge to support the School in Fort Worth.  Watching Brenton open his heart, Luis stretch beyond his comfort zone, Martha find her voice was certainly fulfilling.  I am grateful for people who are willing to learn, who are willing to serve, who are willing to transform.  It is through teaching and leading each of them that I will do the same.  For a moment, I wished I could tell you that we signed up 20 students- now I realize that it doesn't matter.  We connected with ourselves, with each other and with many, many souls.  For this, I am grateful!

Martha reportingMy experience at the Inception movie event was wonderful. As usual, I got more out of the event than anyone I may have served. Learning to approach people to ask if they wanted a dream interpreted was intimidating at first because I don't handle rejection well. However, when I learned to detach myself from the outcome and shifting my focus from myself to the act of serving then it became easier. I was also doubtful about my ability to interpret dreams because I still feel like I am in infancy with developing that ability. I received a lot just by observing and listening to everyone else interpret dreams. Finally, I was able to help 2-3 people on my own.

I think it's interesting how many people were very apprehensive at first but eventually warmed up to the idea once they received insight into how much their dream revealed about them. I also believe the interaction with other students at the school was so hopeful to me. You all have so much wisdom and are at a level of consciousness that inspires and motivates me to continue with my disciplines with the hope that I will be at that same level one day as well. Thanks again for the experience, and I look forward to many more events in the future.

"It was great being able to share of what I know with others. It was nice to be able to offer such a unique service to so many individuals."


Brenton reporting– At first I was a little hesitant to talk to people.  The theater was awesome and the staff were so helpful with everything, yet it had been a while since my last public SOM event and I was a little rusty.  Our location was outstanding: a large table set up next to the Inception movie stand and in an area where people HAD to pass, wherever they went.  Before long there were lines and crowds, and the waves continued throughout the night.

I watched as Leah courageously marched up to group after group, asking people about their dreams and telling them about the new SOM center in Fort Worth.  Little by little, I began to feel the connection she embodied.  I let go of all perceived judgments (either from myself or others) and decided to talk to as many people as possible.  The result of the change was instantaneous.  I probably talked to 60 or 70 people and interpreted dream after dream after dream!  I began to feel energized and could feel the connectivity in the place tangibly.  I even spoke with several people that mentioned the movie was confusing and after talking with us they had a much clearer understanding.

Everybody wants connection on some level and the fact that we all dream every night is a great way to realize that connectedness.  My ideal for the event was connectedness for the purpose of building courage.  Thanks to Leah's prime example and my willingness to see different perspectives, I received a great deal of gratitude, connection, and benefit from the Dream booth. Giving really is receiving!

Heather Hunt, reporting– I love events like this because it gives me a chance to spend time with students outside of class and the school and learn more about myself through the process.  I deepened my understanding of the intrinsic value of solidifying an ideal, purpose, and goal for an activity and then was able to share/teach more about it to others. 

Not long after a few of us arrived at the movie theater, Luis and I decided to go downstairs near the entrance to let people know about the dream booth.  (See the attachment and great little cards that Brenton designed!)  We passed out some cards to a few people then Luis turned to me and said “I’m uncomfortable.”  I asked why and he said, “I just realized…I don’t have a purpose.”  As soon as he said that I realized, too, that I had not established a clear ideal and purpose.   We each took a moment to collect out thoughts and formulate an ideal and purpose.  My ideal was connectedness for the purpose of understanding giving and receiving.  Luis and I discussed how we could feel our vibration change upon establishing a clear ideal and purpose.  The feeling for me was one of confidence and security. 

I had clearly identified the “candle flame” that I was going to concentrate on for the evening.  My flame was connectedness and I truly believed I would gain greater understanding of giving and receiving with every interaction.  My alignment and commitment to this is what led to the security.   As I used my will to give my attention to this, any limiting thought disappeared because I was consciously receiving my purpose by observing myself in conversations with people.  In other words, I was focused on what I wanted to understand and give to others instead of on what I didn’t want to experience, like rejection from those who didn’t care to understand their dreams.  I learned to be more accepting of myself and others because people were interested, others weren’t at all and some just needed more information before expressing interest; either way, I wasn’t attached to their response.  I was attached to my Self.  Through this process I strengthened my security, self value, and confidence in my ability to communicate.

I made sure that Golbahar and Leah had a clear ideal and purpose.  Leah did.  Golbahar had forgotten to do so and recognized how this was making a difference in her experience.  (sidenote: I am so proud of these two amazing young women and I encourage everyone to ask them about what they have been learning lately about becoming directors.)  I also explained to them the need as directors, teachers and leaders, to always make sure that everyone has at least some idea of what they want to build within themselves or understand more (with any event, project or lab position).  This is important for many reasons…here’s a few…

•When you practice affirming an ideal and purpose, committing to it and talking about it, this sets an example for others to follow; and it builds peace and security within. 

•As creators we need to be clear about what we are creating inside ourselves as well as outside.  If we don’t know what we are creating inside ourselves then we can feel empty, lost or confused.  I am learning that when I know what I am wanting to build within then I know more of who I am in the moment.

•When I, as an individual know who I want to become then I can better understand how I am adding to the whole.

Establishing and staying committed to a clear ideal and purpose is vital part of the process of becoming a conscious creator.

I send you all my best for your next school event, project or personal endeavor.  May you all live your ideal and receive your purpose in highest way imaginable.

With Love and Gratitude,

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