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Why meditate.....?

Meditate because meditation improves every area and every part of your life. Meditate because it is good for you. Meditate because it will fulfill you. Meditate because you need to find your purpose for this lifetime. Meditate so you can have more good to offer others. Meditate so you can gain the higher knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Meditate so you can offer knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment to others. Meditate so you may become compatible to your Creator. Meditate so you may enter the inner levels of consciousness with awareness. Meditate so that you may overcome sadness, depression, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, resentment, hatred, insecurity, and low Self worth. Meditate because it is the most fulfilling, rewarding, thing you can do. In meditation you may experience love and you will be filled with Light. Meditate so that each day will go well for you. Meditate so that each day you will feel and be centered and aligned. Meditate so you will be a better husband or wife. Meditate so you will be a better friend. Meditate so you may form deeper friendships. Meditate so you may know God. Meditate so you may experience the Creator. Meditate so you will expand your consciousness. Meditate so you will be happy. Meditate because change is the greatest competence one can acquire. Meditate to enable you to change and grow easily, and rapidly.

–from the book Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel R. Condron

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is one of the Ten Essential Life Skills taught in the School of Metaphysics and a vital cornerstone to the development of any productive mind activity.  Concentration is holding the mind’s attention, at will, upon a chosen thought, person, place, or object for as long as is desired. “Concentration is the ability to sustain undivided attention in time and space.” Master Living by Dr. Barbara Condron

The mastery of concentration brings a wide array of benefits such as effectively and efficiently using time and energy to finish tasks, accomplish goals, and stay with a project to its completion.  One can complete a train of thought, solve problems or make plans with clear thinking.  In relationships concentration can be used in challenging situations to stay with people be they children, spouses other family members, coworkers or friends.  It can also be used to enjoy more deeply being with others.  Concentration aids us to hold true to our ideals and that which is important to us and to maintain equilibrium in potentially polarizing situations.  Command of concentration produces a still mind keeping us in the present moment to receive Self realization.    “People who know how to concentrate display a remarkable capacity to give to the universe.” (SOM Lesson 1)

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Concentration is basic to meditation, for meditation is a specialized form of concentration to that which is transcendent and eternal.  “Mastering the stages of concentration frees the consciousness to awaken into the inner levels of the Mind.”Master Living by Dr. B. Condron

The objective of meditation is to align the outer conscious self with soul and then attune to spirit for the purpose of reuniting consciousness with Infinite Intelligence.  “The real you, your inner Self is eternal.  The physical body is limited.  Through the use of meditation you, the thinker, are able to contact and identify with your Real Self.” Superconscious Meditation by Dr. Daniel Condron

Meditation is a highly attuned state of peace and awareness.  In this state of expectancy you receive answers to your prayers.  A prayer is a heart-felt message of adoration or gratitude or a petition for forgiveness, spiritual insight and guidance to the Source of the Universe. 

Meditation is a science.  There are specific scientific steps necessary for deeper states of meditation that will work for anyone willing to practice them.  These steps include the preparation, physical and mental postures and four major stages for optimum states of consciousness conducive for ever-expanding awareness.  These four major steps, as taught in the School of Metaphysics, are expectant listening, expectant observation, accessing higher energies and entering through the portals of the Mind into the inner levels of consciousness and Infinite Being.

Meditation is an art.  As one meditates his or her consciousness begins to change.  Ultimately there is a transformation of Self and an emergence of a blissful, expanded state of Oneness.

The alignment of consciousness leads to heaven on earth where the devotee can live in a highly attuned and aware state.  This is called living meditatively.  In this heightened state of awareness, one experiences connectedness and integration with Self and others and a sense of being plugged into the universe.  We all have moments when we are in this state, but it is illusive.  They come and go according to our thoughts and attitudes in the moment.  The School of Metaphysics aids individuals to identify when they are in this meditative state through the Meditation Portrait given at a Spiritual Focus Weekend at our World Headquarters.  In the classes offered one learns how to cause this state of being to occur through concentration, Ideal, purpose and activity, will power and stilling the Mind.

We are all connected through common origin and similar evolutionary development.  In meditation we re-cognize our connectedness and quicken the evolutionary impulse within each of us.

4 Major Steps of Meditation

as taught in the School of Metaphysics

expectant listening

expectant observation

accessing higher energies

entering through the portals of the Mind into the inner levels of consciousness and Infinite Being

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