"Thank you for the recent business analysis you did for my company... Especially helpful to me was the specific relating of choices I could make to cause new excitement and interest for myself in the business. These had to do with expansion and seeking investment money, and were very detailed as to types of employees I could hire, advertising, taking on a partner, and available options for capitalization. This information has been critical to me in setting forth the direction I will take next in my business. I will recommend this type of analysis to other business owners and plan to have another one done next year. This is an excellent evaluation to add to an annual review." – C.R. Executive Relocation Services, Brentwood, Tennessee 


The skill that reveals what will produce health in an individual, is also used to examine what will produce health in a group of individuals. An Intuitive Business Mission Analyses will transform the way you serve your clients/customers.

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From improved products to reaching your intended audience, from embezzling to gas leaks in a building, from the best location to the dis/advantages of company mergers, from attitudes of employees to attitudes of clients or customers, Intuitive Business Mission Analyses give information and suggestions to enhance productivity and profits rarely found in other types of analyses available. What some specialists take months to discern and charge the business owners thousands of dollars to research can be gained within an hour for a minimal financial investment through using the service of a Intuitive Business Analysis. "I would like to take the time to thank you for the Business Analysis that we had done by the School of Metaphysics. We have implemented many of the suggestions and it has increased our productivity in many ways. The information concerning our employees was very helpful. I do highly recommend this type of analysis to other businesses." – M.E.F., Administrator of New Woman Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi
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