IASD Asheville, NC Conference 2010



Damian Nordmann's Diary

Attending the 2010 International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference was a rich and wonderful experience.  I made several new friends, and I had many brief encounters with beautiful souls who I know will turn into divine friends as I connect with them at IASD conferences in years to come.
I was one of the volunteers for the weekend so I had lots of opportunities to be of service and to see just how powerful service consciousness can be within a group outside of the School of Metaphysics.  I was a room monitor for a couple of days of the conference and I was an A/V (Audio Visual) monitor for the first full day of the conference. 
As an A/V monitor I was in charge of two rooms at one time.  This was quite funny because those of us who were A/V monitors received almost no training as to how to help people and there was actually supposed to be another company there to handle the really challenging A/V questions.  During the first session one of the groups in a room that I was in charge of was having some serious A/V problems.  They started to get panicked so I did what I could and tracked down the man who was in charge of the volunteers.  We ended up moving their presentation to another time slot in the week.  This was a bit tense, yet I found that I was able to think clearly and respond quickly without even knowing much of what could be done.  Throughout the day I quickly learned how to load people’s power-point presentations so they could feel secure in knowing that this aspect of their presentation would be well taken care of.  I enjoyed being this kind of grounding presence for the presenters.  Also, as a room monitor I found it a very powerful position in terms of communicating to all of the people on the symposium, or panel and letting them know how much time they had left for their presentation.  I can clearly see how the School of Metaphysics can continue to be a powerful force at the IASD Conferences as volunteers and at some point even through helping coordinate the volunteers and teach more about leadership and the capacity to respond.
I also enjoyed several of the presentations given by a number of amazing individuals.  Robert Waggoner was my favorite by far.  He has recorded over 1000 lucid dreams and he has done some of the most extensive research on lucid dreaming that I have ever heard of or seen.  He was a part of a symposium that included three other lucid dream experts, Ryan Hurd, Scott Sparrow, and Chris Olsen.  His presentation was called “The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers: The Lucid Mindset”.  It gave some great insights into what is needed for anyone to wake up in dreams and create an attitude or consciousness throughout the day that is conducive to lucid dreaming.  He was also part of a symposium called Evidence of Wisdom in Dreams.  This symposium had some powerhouse people who have been with the IASD for many years such as Stanley Krippner, Robert Hoss, and Deirdre Barrett.  At this symposium Robert W. shared some of his amazing lucid dream experiences and the profound insights they gave him about life and the nature of existence.  The other speakers also gave great insights, particularly examples regarding the creative genius that dreams can offer to anyone who is willing to receive from the vast storehouse of wisdom from subconscious mind.
I also got to be A/V monitor for the symposium that Dr. Laurel Clark gave entitled “In My Father’s House are Many Mansions.”  Dr. Laurel did a fantastic job of explaining the simplicity and profundity of the symbol of houses in dreams as they relate to the state or condition of the dreamer’s mind.  There were many people nodding heads including the new IASD president, Jodine Grundy.  Jodine said that it all made so much sense.  I also think this presentation by Dr. Laurel was probably one of the most important ones given at the IASD because it was simple, applicable by anyone, gave clear examples, and gave some of the history of how we have come to understand the Universal Language of Mind.
One of my favorite parts of our time in Asheville revolved around the intuitive reports that we gave on Saturday before the conference started.  We offered a variety of reports to many of the leaders and prominent people with the IASD.  Many of us transcribed these reports during the week of the conference.  I had the pleasure of connecting with the two people whose reports I had transcribed.  One of them was Robert Gongloff, who was in charge of the whole conference.  His report had some great insights into how he tends to draw upon the brow, throat, and spleen chakras to the detriment of the heart and solar plexus.  I had dinner with him and I gave him some ideas about how he could use his report.  I also got to know him much better.  He is a gentle, highly intelligent man who is seventy years old.  I encouraged him to do more with teaching dream themes and dream interpretation in his community which just so happens to be in Asheville.
I also met with Gregory Scott Sparrow.  He is a fellow Scorpio and lives in the Southern part of Texas.  His past life profile was about a lifetime he had as a native American in the North West.  He was a peacemaker and he began creating peace between several of the other tribes.  In this lifetime, he is often faced with opportunities to lead and step forward to serve even when he doesn’t particularly want to.  I met with him over breakfast and gave him some suggestions for understanding the power of his influence.
Lastly, I had such a wonderful time being present for the debut of The Dream Mystery, which is the movie Hezekiah Condron put together.  It was fantastic to witness the beginning of his ascension into greatness as a movie maker and a shaper of consciousness.  Many people attended the movie and all were amazed at his ability create something so meaningful and outstanding.
I definitely want to create a way for several of us to attend next year’s conference in the Netherlands.  I think we can further deepen our connection with the friends we are making each year.

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