IASD Asheville, NC Conference 2010



Dr. Sheila Benjamin's Diary

A quote from my Dharma Report states the truth of the vibrational field of the conference: "A sense of importance through Humility."  

I saw this reflected in the intimate dance that the School of Metaphysics and the IASD leaders are dancing.  We have made some great friends that live all over the world. I especially experienced this friendship deepen this year.  Dr. Laurel Clark and I went to Canada and presented in 2008 (at the Montreal IASD conference).  It was there that we first were introduced to some of these amazing individuals.  In 2009, there were more of us who traveled to Chicago (Dr. Daniel, Dr. Barbara, Hezekiah, Bethany, Brian K.) this time I could see a even deeper development of this friendship.  This year, when we arrived in Asheville, NC, we had a "spiritual man" reunion with old friends and we brought even more of our members (Tad, Damian, Heather, Brian M, Kera along with the others of us who had attended previously). 

Before the conference started we shared a service of ours that illuminated at least 12 of the main leaders of the IASD through offering a variety of different Intuitive Reports.  The people were amazed and awestruck. They were moved by our dedication to service as we offered to transcribe their reports, burn a CD of their report and meet with them. We at the School of Metaphysics understand service at such a level that is amazing to others.  Wherever we go and offer our service to other groups, organizations and people, they are always grateful and feel a sense of security because we know how to concentrate, how to care, how to respond.

Much of my experience this year was through fulfilling my Dharma of service. I spend all three days helping with registration.  Here I met many people.  One of them was a 14 year boy named Julian.  He was there with his father who was a writer.   I found out through spending an afternoon with him that he also enjoyed writing.  When I asked him what he wrote he said, " Poetry, mostly, however I like to write about Mental Health".  This made my eyebrows raise. So I asked, "What do you write about?"  He said, "You know that if people spend a little time each day working a crossword puzzle or something like that, it would help them retain there cognitive function."  I could agree with him there, that is why giving attention to our spiritual practices each day is important for our mental health. 

 It was nice to see that this year there were more generations of people present.  They ranged from 6 months to 80 plus cycles around the sun. I have become increasingly more passionate about the 7 generation idea  and am wanting to reach more of the youth through dreams and peace educational activities. It seems that through spending more time with 15-year-old Hezekiah, six-year-old Alexandra and three-year-old Vive I am aware of the fertile soil of the minds of the youth.  I heard from somewhere that the way that scientists tell if a species of animals is to survive is if there is a variety of different generations of the particular animal that are active within the group.  I think this is a good gauge to determine growth. 

This year as well as last year I spent time with Hezekiah Condron as his camera person (I know there is a fancier title, I don't know it).  Here is where I have experienced the friendships deepen for me.  I have gotten to know many of the members on a professional and personal level.  I have watched their eyes shine with honor to watch a 15-year-old young man take such interest in their educational stories and their spiritual journeys.  This reflected when several of the leaders of the IASD walked attended the showing of Hezekiah's film THE DREAM MYSTERY.

In a nut shell the conference was about meeting people, developing friendships and sharing ideas that can change the planet in big ways. It was about fulfilling the Purpose of our organization, "To accelerate the evolution of humanity by ushering in Spiritual Intuitive Man." 

We all need people. That is how we learn, that is how we share our light and our love.  A week after the conference, Hezekiah was teaching his Kung Fu Class in the upper chambers of the Peace Dome.  He was very personable as he instructed us to place our bodies in positions, such as low horse, and while we were standing holding this position he would share inspiring stories.  (A good use of mind control!) It was a joy to be in his class. I loved his stories, I loved the workout and I love him.  

As we both were walking down the ramp outside of the Peace Dome, I thanked him for class.  He shared this with me, "I have been working on being more of an extrovert.  I have been very frustrated lately because I have been spending a lot of time alone and on my computer.  I haven't even wanted to be with people, not even Alexandra or Vive and I don't like that."  

The message was that he felt better because he shared with others.  The simple truth is that when you feel a little off, give of yourself and you'll feel more balanced.

Thank you for your attention
Dr. Sheila Benjamin

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