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As I was researching the intuitive reports to discover dream “prescriptions” from our intuitive research, I found some of the following recommendations:

1)  practice lucid dreaming to know the self as spirit

2)  learn to understand dreams to develop fluency with the universal language of mind for improved communication with people and to deepen soul connections with other people

3)  learn the universal language of mind for “whole mind” thinking rather than identifying only with the ideas of the brain

4) interpret dreams to heal a sluggish pituitary and hypothalamus

5)  use dreams for inner guidance to know the soul’s purpose
These are just some of the purposes for understanding dreams … can you think of more?

Dr. Laurel Clark's Diary

Today was the last day of the IASD Conference.  What an amazing community of people who are all invested in understanding and aiding people.  There are brain researchers, artists, dancers, therapists, teachers, theologians, archeologists, shamans, psychics, and more.  This was my third time attending the conference and some of the people are like old friends even though I’ve only been with them (in the physical!) on two previous occasions.
The School of Metaphysics had a strong presence, both in giving intuitive reports to some of the key IASD people and to some of the participants, and in giving presentations.  I was on two panels, Dr. Barbara Condron was on two panels, Dr. Daniel Condron gave one presentation, and Hezekiah premiered his movie The Dream Mystery.
The presentation on house dreams was the first day.  It was on a panel about lucid dreaming, which was a bit of a surprise to me because I do not consider myself to be a frequent lucid dreamer.  However, over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that there is a particular house and a dormitory that recur in my dreams.  Neither of these are places I have lived in physical waking reality.  As I started noticing the recurring house (not a recurring dream, just a dream-house that appears in more than one dream, often with changes or additions), I then began to pay attention to what was occurring in my waking consciousness when I had those dreams.  Then, in the dream itself, I noticed that the house was familiar, and from further introspection and self observation concerning what was in my waking mind when I had houses like this, I started having dreams in which in the dream I noticed that the house was familiar because I had dreamed it before … and then the dream became lucid.  This has happened a few times.
From questioning other people, I have learned that this is a fairly common experience, and the progression I experienced was similar to other people.  This was the subject of my presentation.  It generated many questions which intrigued me.  Throughout the conference I received feedback from several people who had questions or comments about it.  I am thinking of writing a small book, so if you have dreams like this, please let me know so that I can include them.
Some of the presentations I attended included dreams of After Death Communication, extraordinary dreams (such as inventions that come from dreams, mutual dreaming, artistic and musical inspiration from dreams) and a panel on long-term journal keeping.  This included a presentation from an artist about how the act of handwriting, which is rarely used any more (since people write on computers so much), is itself an inward experience.  She noted how calligraphy is a spiritual practice, requiring concentration and pausing in-between thoughts to dip a pen in ink.  She said that keeping a dream journal can be a similar kind of experience.
Also in this panel was a woman who listed the “Top Ten Reasons to Remember Your Dreams” (like David Letterman).  It was educational and entertaining.  This stimulated me to think that this could be a school project … perhaps a bulletin board with students’ “top ten reasons for understanding dreams.”  Or something else?
One interesting presentation was from a woman who described the elements of Chinese medicine as they appear in tarot cards.  Her interest in tarot was stimulated when the cards started to appear spontaneously in her dreams.  This happened after she had been doing spiral Chi Gong for awhile.  Now, she used the symbols in the tarot cards to aid her to understand her dreams.
For those of you who have experienced earth spirits or divas while tending to the plants in the College of Metaphysics garden, you may be interested to know that there are people who receive communication from fairies and devas in their dreams.  Four panelists described their encounters with fairies (sometimes called elementals, or earth spirits or devas).  One of them said that because these are energetic beings, it is easier for them to communicate with us when we are in our non-physical state also, in other words, in our dreams.  She said that they are trying to help us to harmonize with nature and that now we need to help them, too, because we have interfered with many of their natural habitats.

A common thread for me in this conference was the relationship between the personal and the universal or trans-personal.  The World Dreams Peace Bridge was started after 9/11/2001 to bring people together for mutual dreaming.  This was Jean Campbell’s idea, after she discovered that people all over the world had dreamed of the event before it happened.  How can the community of dreamers get together and “dream up” some peace, she wondered and the Bridge was born.  There were a number of presentations that described the reality of dream telepathy or people receiving guidance from guides or spirits in dreams.  Jeremy Taylor, one of the keynote speakers, quoted Jung who said that the collective consciousness evolves through individuals.
This brings home the significance of what we are doing with our S.O.M. education, accelerating the evolution of humanity through ushering in Intuitive, Spiritual Man.  As each individual evolves, and reaches out a hand to aid other individuals evolve, humanity progresses.
I appreciate what we understand about the mind, and how dreaming is a significant experience for knowing the Self beyond the physical existence.   

O Dr. Laurel Clark, SOM President and presenter at this year's conference

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