IASD Asheville, NC Conference 2010




A Collective Diary for June 26-July1, 2010

It has been very rewarding meeting and talking with people at the SOM booth.  We are centrally located in the hallway where everyone has to pass through.  This gives us a great opportunity to meet people and to answer questions.  We have made many new friends including a 14-year-old boy from Vermont who writes stories for online teen magazines about mental health.  He also just recently found out he likes break dancing and has been doing some performances for groups around his city.
We have met people from Finland, Brazil, Russia, and Israel who really appreciate what we are building with the Healing Wall and will be sending us stones.  So far we have received stones from a gentleman in Italy, from an archeologist who has given us a Tibetan Herkimer diamond and a stone from Massachusetts, and a woman has given us a stone from a holy place in New York. 
We have been busy typing the intuitive reports given last Saturday for members of the IASD.  Several types of reports were given including Past Life Profiles and crossings, Health Analyses, Transference of Energy Reports, a Healer's Portrait, and a Creative Mind Report.  These and the intuitive reports given on Tuesday evening have generated a lot of interest in other members attending the conference.  Many people have asked how they can receive a report also.  We have been handing out request forms and answering a lot of questions. 
Today we have been talking to many people who come from Asheville to see the booths and the art exhibit.  They are curious and have many questions.  We talked to a nursing instructor about incorporating what she is learning about dreams into her curriculum for nurses.  I, Karen, discussed how I used dream work as a staff nurse to help other hospital personnel and patient families to sleep better once they understood their dreams.  This gave her many new ideas to think about including dream groups for nurses at the hospital where she has students.  She had approached the booth thinking that there wasn't anything new she was learning at the conference. 
Last evening Hezekiah presented his movie The Dream Mystery at the conference.  He did a wonderful job introducing the movie and there was a lot of great feedback.
Karen Mosby, RN, from College of Metaphysics, MO

 A structured community that practices and applies discipline with radical humility while serving others towards wholeness in Self is what the School of Metaphysics offers the world, and has been a reoccurring thought form, for me this 2010 International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) Conference that is being held in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  My experience among many dream enthusiast, experts and seekers was one of World Bridger as my personal ideal was Receptivity for the purpose of Serving others’ needs and wants towards the building a higher relationship with Self.
Karen Mosby and myself (Bryan Menne) were faithfully maintaining the hub of information, the School's table, surrounded by a huge IASD Bookstore vendor as well as being in close range of many of the talks and presentations that were offered these 5 days.  At times the environment seemed thick, of the cerebral and/or closed hearted kind, however we practiced resilient connectedness with our continually effervescent presence from early morning till night.  Our sign was perennially OPEN as many visitors found, with many taking respite from the cacophony of dream speak to connect to with Souls in our purposely placed chairs. 
I was often in awe with these interactions as I met many from around the nation as well as the world.  I now have a friend in Finland, Israel, and several from Vermont and as well as Dream specialists/practitioners from all over the United States.  I can't help but think, that the people we connected with, that traveled so far, came mostly to connect with us, so that we could be a conduit to Self-Awareness through acceptance.  It was palpably awe-inspiring as I watched the sense of relief come over their face, jet-lagged body and Soul.  I learned so much, especially from Karen about the reasoning and purpose behind some frequently overlooked details and procedures, like how to properly transcribe an intuitive report or speak to a complete novice in metaphysics or to the headiest of intellectuals. With this amazing experience under my belt, I am even more excited about starting my term as a student at the College of Metaphysics

I am a changed person after just 5 days and it started with a choice to do something different.  I put myself in the path of serving others and I walk away with Soul riches of understandings.  Thank you IASD, participants and all of my teachers at the School. 
With deep affection and appreciation. 
Bryan Menne, Louisville, MO 

 Today, the last day of the conference, I realized just how many friends Bryan and I have made over the last few days.  Our booth has become a hub for meeting and exchanging ideas and information, our ideal for the booth.  There has been a more relaxed attitude among everyone as things come to a close.  Brian and I have both talked to people about intuitive reports and are bringing back several request forms.  Many people here are appreciating the information that can be gained from the reports. 

I ate lunch with Robert Gongloff, the host of the conference this year.  I had been a little intimidated being around all these people who had so much experience in so many areas of science.  What I have come to realize is the amount of respect the School of Metaphysics receives from members of the IASD.  We have so much to offer in our understanding of intuitive research and the function of the mind.

Bryan and I have planted many seeds among the attendees of the conference with information, web sites and forms for spiritual focus sessions and intuitive reports.  Our booth gave us the opportunity to receive people and answer questions that were stimulated by the presentations from SOM people and from their talks with individuals.  When the participants found they had more questions they knew where they could come and Brian and I were ready to receive them.  We practiced receiving the individuals and asking questions before making suggestions about services.   It was a great week and we have been asked to come back again next year. 

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