IASD Chicago Conference 2009


The Silver Cord
dreams during the conference
by Dr. Barbara Condron

“I am a Dream Archeologist!”
declares author Robert Moss.
“I help people find, tell, and live their bigger story.”

The audience exhales a collective sigh. Robert has opened our hearts with what he calls his elevator speech. I realize I am in a unique position to understand his message for just this morning I have received a dream of archetypal proportions.

My first International Association for the Study of Dreams conference is the organization’s 25th. Experiencing the world the founding mothers and fathers have created is a delight. Here is a community of people who are nurturing the importance of dreaming in a modern, Western culture that is largely devoted to building the outer life. From the ancient art of shamanism to the new intervention of technology, dreams are being unearthed here.

My morning’s treasure has lingered in my consciousness. I know this dream is significant. How do I know? It is a silver cord. The silver cord is a Biblical reference to the stream of consciousness linking the soul to the body. It is an image for connectedness to higher dimensions of consciousness, the means by which transmissions move from the Source to the great sea of our everyday experience.

This morning’s dream is a silver cord in the classic sense of the word. It has brought clarity because its roots are in Heaven. This dream is in my life for multidimensional reasons in keeping with my quest to master Self through understanding consciousness. Allow me to explain.

This morning’s dream, as is true with all dreams, is a silver cord in my own existence. It is immediate subconscious feedback on the way I lived the previous day, a story about me, for me. Interpreting the dream answers the question, “How conscious was I in living, and how may I grow in being conscious in my choices today?” This is the dream’s relevance for my conscious mind.

This morning’s dream is a silver cord for what the Tibetans call the bardo. It has reached across time and space to connect me to a past life experience with Plato, a time when my schooling in forms began in earnest. I am an “outlier” when it comes to intuitive knowledge, having invested more than 10,000 hours in intuitive research and reporting. The dream’s relevance for subconscious mind is clear. Springing from that incarnation, the dream sheds new light on my karmic-dharmic duty “to be in the world but not of it”.

Then there is superconscious mind relevance. This morning’s dream is a silver cord stretching from Heaven to earth. As the day progresses, I find my consciousness magnetized to it as I reflect upon it again and again. The archetypal nature of the dream speaks to every individual in a similar way that Plato’s Allegory of the Cave has for centuries resonated with its readers. The universal implications of this dream are making themselves known, like petals of a lotus opening to the sun.

This morning’s dream also has an autonomous relevance. It is a silver cord connecting the collective experience of IASD with the collective experience of the School of Metaphysics. The IASD exalts individual initiative and the diversity of interpretations it brings. This is in harmony with the ideal of SOM, to aid any individual willing to put forth the effort to become a whole, functioning Self. SOM also teaches the interconnectedness of the individual, honoring the common Source of the Universe, which has led to the discovery of the Rosetta Stone for the language of mind. In the IASD world, this is why SOM teachers are here – to assist in making sense of the Babel.

This silver cord connects me with the School of Metaphysics, which is now connected through me with IASD, for I am serving as both participant and presenter. The dream has found relevance for the whole Self. This archeological dig has been quite a jewel.•

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